Blackberry Bomb




Ingredients: 6.3oz (200g) $4.85 Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Bergamot Oil, Perfume, Frankincense Oil.

Review: I wanted to smell this ballistic since I found out it was a CTG item in the day. This fabled ballistic from CTG is not foody as I once suspected but it is definitely fruity but I just can’t really smell blackberry. There’s also a perfumey smell that was unexpected but it’s not a strong perfumey smell. I think this ballistic would have a tendency to be a keeper on the Lush list.


2006 Lush Times description: The Blackberry Bath Bomb has a deliciously fruity scent, seasoned with a smattering of frankincense, traditionally used to relieve nervous tension, calm stress and to help you cut ties with the past. Bergamot essential oil is said to inspire confidence and relieve depression. Why not use one to blast all the negativity, whish is topping you from getting out there and getting on with it? Use our happy blackberry bombs in the morning to blow away sad thoughts and launch you into a bright new day full of unlimited potential. It’s the season to pick one.

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