A fresh floral rose scent that is beautiful. A smaller ballistic but what beautiful colors, dark pink and light pink, with tiny tifts of blue and purple flower petals poking out. It’s a bit more powdery scented and a tad sweeter than other heavier floral combinations such as “Chelsea Gardens”. This leaves the scent on the skin for a good long time which I love. And Mark said “you smell good”. I can’t believe he said he likes the smell of something Lush without me having to ask him to smell it. That’s a first. I’m trying to what other Lush products this Butterfly ballistic smells like in order to help describe the scent….I would say if you mated an Absolute Delight ballistic, a Softy ballistic, Irresistable Bliss shampoo , and a Chelsea Gardens ballistic; their offspring would smell like Butterfly ballistic. (Edited to add later; It smells like my beloved Lush “Hard” shampoo bar. Yes….That’s what it smells like to me, “Hard” shampoo bar!) Absolutely Lovely. Absolutely girlie, a real fresh rose smell, a bit of a powdery, fresh Spring quality and you’ve got Butterfly ballistics scent. This ballistic had me just from the gorgeous scent alone but in addition, Butterfly makes a beautiful medium pink water color, and there are bits of blue and purple flowers, and there are two pretty butterflies to sift through the water and play with. I give 4 stars to this ballistic.












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