13 Rabbits shower gel

Lush description: This was inspired by a binge on McVities new dark chocolate ginger biscuits. That should give you a flavour of what’s in store. After boiling cinammon sticks and clove buds, we mix in our favourite Elizabethan blend of spice oils, ginger it all up with some ginger oil, pour in the dark chocolate liquer and add baths full of bubbles. When used in the shower makes everything smell surprisingly like a chocolate cream bar.

The story so far: In 1939 Professor Peyton discovered El Tajin in southern mexico. He also discovered the exploits of 13 Rabbit, a ruler in the 1st century. His name, derived from the Mesoamerican calendar, is written with a rabbit surrounding two bars next to three dots. The Mayans were keen on spice and chocolate so we named this after him. All perfectly logical and not at all contrived!



Ingredients: cocoa butter, laureth 3, cinnamon sticks, walnut oil, peanut oil, perfume, cocoa, whole cloves, ginger oil

Review: When you squeeze it out of the bottle, you see thick, milk chocolate colored liquid, it smells exactly like milk chocolate. Right underneath the chocolate note is the ginger scent. Ahh. Now we have spicy chocolate. It does not last on the skin for too long unfortunately but the opportunity for hedonism in the shower or bath increases ten fold with this product. LOVE. Lush also made a 13 rabbits bath melt with the same chocolate/ginger scent.