All That Jas

Ingredients: Vetivert Oil, Candy Flowers, Gardenia Extract, Jasmine Oil, Vanillin.

Review: This Came out in North America at the same time that Lush International (UK) had “Fairy Jasmine”  bath bomb.  The color is even better than Fairy Jasmine. There’s an extra something in here like vanilla which makes it even more smooth and yummy. There is no glitter in this Jasmine scented bomb as there is in Lush’s other Jasmine ballistic “Fairy Jasmine” but i like it anyway.

2006 Lush Times description: All That Jasmine is a shamelessly sexy bath bomb disguised as an innocuous pastel green colored ball with an innocent, little sugar flower on top but once it hits the water it starts to work its wicked ways.



Here’s a video i made of the All That Jas bath bomb in the tub