This is the prototype for the giant bath bomb that is called crystal ball.  Here’s a video I recorded of it in the tub. WOW

this below called Metropolis, a smaller version, was demonstrated at the Lush ‘Creative Showcase‘ event at Tobacco Docks on September 13 2016

Jack Constantine wanted to create a bath bomb-Metropolis- bath bomb, that lights up!

Inspired by city life and the scent smells kind of like ‘Sunny Day’ mixed with and earthy and green scent similar to Lush ‘Autumn leaves’ bath bomb  is how someone described it. The black/grey on it is meant to be the dust and dirt and smoke from the city.  I was told that there may have been a reference to the drug abuse found in cities as well, but that part isn’t verified.

Inside the hole is the colored light, and it activates when it comes in contact with the water.

I watched a demo of this and it looks so eerie, these different colors of light mixing with the water, it reminded me of that sort of rainbow sheen of colors that one sees on the top of a puddle of oil , except it’s moving!