I’m Home

3.5-5.0 rating.

See my demo review video of this perfume below.

This is one of a 7-10 new perfumes in Lush Gorilla IV series, which will be sold to the public in the very near future.

This perfume was meant to remind one of coming home after a hard day and the way a home smells comforting, kind of like a mub of hot chocolate.  This perfume has vanilla and Cocoa in it.  When first sprayed, i can definitely smell the cocoa, it smells yummy.

On the dry down it gets kind of muddy, but once it dries completely the cocoa note returns.  It smells warm, like coming home to a warm home with someone cooking something yummy.


Once it dries completely however the scent dissipates very much.  This perfume in particular goes away quicker than the other Gorilla perfumes. I solved that by just spraying it two or three times on me, or spraying it a few times throughout the day.

In the video i smell it on my arm at wet spray, drying down, and total dry down.

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