Here’s a video explaining my latest Lush Exclusives Giveaway 

Leave a comment here, saying what hour youtube name is and what you’re Instagram name is. 

167 thoughts on “Giveaway! 

    • Charlotterp85 is my instagram and my YouTube is Charlotte Price. I love lushhhhh!!! Awesome opportunity so kind of you.

    • I love you so much! My friends and I watch you all the time. You’re the bomb❤ thank you so much for doing this. My Instagram is _cutea_ and my YouTube is Angela Manganelli!

    • How awesome is it that they put “April’s Showers” on your bottle?! 😭💜

      My YT name is PDXmama
      My IG name is Wendybird63

    • Lush4life is my insta name. 923harvey is my Utube name. Thank you for the amazing opportunity!!! ❤️😊💛💙💜 LUSH.

    • Hello! This is a very sweet and generous opportunity and I would love to win the give away! My YouTube is Aaliyah Foley and my instagram is @ aaliyahfoleyyy

      Much love from Minnesota and good luck to all Entering!

    • Criderthespider on Instagram and Courtney C ( on youtube! Thank you so much for this opportunity! You are so generous

    • Hi April!! I admire you dedication and knowledge of Lush U.K. My YouTube name is KKBing. You and Lush U.K. make me smile!!!

    • Hi, omg I’m obsessed with your lush knowledge! My YouTube name is Tiffany Santiago, my ig is nailsneverfails
      Thanks for having this amazing giveaway!

    • YouTube name is stefanie crouch instagram name is stefaniemc1. Thank you for all of your posts they are very helpful.

    • I really love this givaway, my youtube name is: Martine Hiemstra and my instagram name is: martinehiemstra

  1. This is such a wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much! I will also comment on youtube I am T P on there

  2. Thank you for giving such a beautiful giveaway and always giving us updates on everything about lush! My youtube name is Ivy Ling and my instagram is ofDiscordia

  3. Hi April! So glad to see this lovely giveaway and I thank you for the chance 😊 My Insta is @lushlove27 and my YouTube is Locolauren27.

  4. Hi my name is Micayla!! Love your videos, especially your blog! Thanks for always keep me updated!

  5. Hi, love! My name is Eboni Johnson on YouTube, however I don’t have an Instagram. I just wanted to say really quickly how much I appreciate this giveaway and you! Someone is gonna be really happy haha:-) your videos give me just a few minutes of escape into happiness each time you upload, so I thank you. I think I have told you this on YouTube already, but you really do remind me of my hippy grandma and it makes me so happy!

  6. What an amazing and generous giveaway to pay it forward. Love the good karma. I’ve been following you for about a year. Jenny Claire on YouTube. Xo

  7. This is my first giveaway of yours and I am so exited! my name is Wilson Vonspreckelsen on YT and my Instagram is Wilsonvon2000.

  8. toothfairy83(jasmine Mary) – Instagram
    83toothfairy – youtube
    good luck all…..amazing give away.

  9. Hi, April! Sooo glad I found your channel & a source for great Lush info!! 😃👍

    Thank you for all the work you put into your “Lush Stuff”…I love it! ❤️❤️❤️

    My name on YT is TarantuLady & on Instagram, it’s Pam Czernel. 👋😁

  10. Your generosity is beyond what anyone could possibly ask for. Thank you again for your videos, social media posts, and blog updates! They are highly appreciated!

    Instagram: kyle4real1026
    Youtube: Kyle Windsor

  11. Im ashley , thanks for making the lush giveaway ive been looking for some products but we dont have a lush where i live, thankyou for you awesome videos!!!

  12. I absolutely love that you’re so generous with this gold. 🙂
    My YouTube name is Nicholas Campbell and my Instagram name is nicholas_leee.

  13. It’s lovely you share your Lush with people like this, very sweet. One lucky winner! My YouTube name is Thomas Wallace and my Instagram is sirsiberia!

  14. It’s so wonderful of you to share something that is one of a kind with us! My instagram is #myspiffynails, and my name on YouTube is Christine Tabor.

  15. Love your YouTube videos always lets me know when I need to splurge.
    My YouTube: Alli Snow
    Instagram: Alli Y

  16. Hello! My name on YouTube is Lydia Strom-DuBord and my Instagram is Lydia_s.d. Thank you for this giveaway!!!

  17. OMG! I hope I am doing this right. I am glinhampav on you blog and YouTube. I need to think of a Lushie name. I’m new to Lush and I can’t get enough. I don’t know why it took me so long. I so enjoy watching your videos. It’s your videos that I stumbled upon that sparked my obsession with LUSH ❤️

  18. Wow April thanks for doing this!
    I was very lucky to discover your channel & been following since! Thanks for giving us all this information & spending all this time putting everything together! I am in USA & thanks for including us in the giveaway…I know postage is expensive!
    My you tube is shenaz Patel & I have instagram

  19. I would love to enter… Like I said on other SM, you’re so generous and kind April.
    On youtube, FB, Insta… I am Lindsay Wilder on them all. I follow you on all SM & I receive e-mails from here directly through my personal email.

    Good luck everyone!

  20. YouTube is xpurr, Instagram is purrx lol still laugh about that one, forgot my password when I originally signed up.

  21. This is such a kind and generous giveaway of you, April! I’ve been following you for a while (subscribed to YouTube as Christina Baio) I’m so happy to see that you had such joy come into your life after such tragedy, so much so that you’re pouring love into your followers’ lives, too. Entering officially ✨💕✨

  22. Thank’s so much for the chance to win this lot of products April! I can’t get over how kind and generous you are to the lush community. I am so glad that lush made the special ~April Showers ICON~ shower gel just for you! You’re wonderful and I always look forward to your insight on every lush product I come across.

  23. Wow April– what a cool giveaway! I can really see that beautiful LUSH SPIRIT in you, and you are really taking “Icon’s Spell” kindness and paying it forward to the Lush community. That is super beautiful. I love your generous spirit and hope you never let anyone tell you otherwise! I’m completely excited to enter this giveaway, and my fingers are crossed.!

    Youtube: Sparkasaur
    Instagram: Sparkagrams

  24. Hi April, I am so excited for you to be honored with your own shower gel. My YouTube name is Dawn Dent

  25. Awesome giveaway!! My name here and on instagram is lushie.nicole and on youtube is Nicole Cuppoloni. xxx

  26. what a beautiful giveaway, i think its fantastic that youre sharing something so dear to you. kudos april!

  27. Awww, thank you so much for doing a giveaway. 💗 I am Bohemiangoddess2 on Instagram and Maria S on YouTube. You and Lush are so awesome!

  28. Another gorgeous giveaway fingers crossed everywhere instagram is claire_beth_ and youtube is Claire smith xxx

  29. Omg it would be amazing to try the icons spell!! I have entered – my Instagram is @lush_obsessed_josie and my YouTube is Josie Hofmeister (

  30. My username on YouTube is Melissa Michelle Mead aka MEEZY and my username on INSTAGRAM is: mellushus and here I am on the blog! Yayyyyyy BEST GIVEAWAY EVERRRRRRRRRR 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  31. Wow i still cant get over how amazing lush was to make a mrs april shower gel praying to the bath bomb gods they lets us have a chance to get it in the kitchen and this giveaway is huge thx for sharing with us love ya

  32. You’re always so generous and informative with your blog and videos, all the hard work you put is really evident and greatly appreciated!

  33. Kwizzleforsizzle thank u April for the chance to win I follow u on every social platform I use and I love your weekly videos 🙂

  34. It’s so cool that they made a shower gel for you. It is well deserved!
    My Instagram is foxxyko and YouTube is Foxxy KO. Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  35. Hey April thank you for the chance! An amazing giveaway from an amazing lushie. xx
    Instagram: @unicornqueenlushie
    Youtube: UnicornQueen Lushie

  36. Thank you for the absolutely generous giveaway. My YouTube name is Jody M and my Instagram name is jodym_

  37. Thank you for your kind and amazing giveaway! Some absolute stars in it! My ig name is _jumpingjuniper_ and my YouTube name is just Sophia May (I think!)

    Fingers crossed! Xxx

  38. You’re so sweet, April 😢 I recently made a small order at lush after nearly half a year (you would DIE haha) and they were so kind to send me a courtesy with a sweet note. I was sooooo happy and excited and touched… I feel sorry for my family if I win this giveaway, ’cause I’m gonna scream so much hahaha!

  39. You’re so sweet, April 😢 I recently made a small order at lush after nearly half a year (you would DIE haha) and they were so kind to send me a courtesy with a sweet note. I was sooooo happy and excited and touched… I feel sorry for my family if I win this giveaway, ’cause I’m gonna scream so much hahaha!
    I commented on your video as Carolina Margo, as well.

  40. What a great giveaway, and very kind of you to include some of your much deserved Icon’s Spell ❤️ . My YouTube user is Caroline, and Instagram is tiger_lily74

  41. Dear April. You are so generous. Sending love from Amsterdam! Herewith im entering your give away. My insta name is itmustbelushlushlush
    My youtube name is either just T or Tv E
    dont know how this works around here. Getting old I guess! X ❤️

    • Mmm I guess my name on you tube is Toncy van Eersel. Lol. Def have to change that one! X

  42. Hello April! Thank you for the giveaway! Instagram: TiffersDenny Youtube: Tiffers Denny

  43. Hello April, I hope you are doing well. It’s so nice of you to be doing this giveaway. Can’t wait to see more from your YouTube channel and blog. My yt username is Kody B. 🙂

  44. Hello April.
    You are generous and radiate kindness. That’s one of the reasons I watch your videos. So calm and peaceful. And also… Lush 🙂

    YT: krudolf87
    IG: katieandhazel

  45. Omg you are so generous! 😍❤😍❤ I seriously want everything… all new to me except sleepy! My YouTube name is kcbmfb and my ig name is bmfb636. Thank you for the opportunity ❤❤

  46. April, I love your videos, instagram pics and blog info. You are turning me from a newbie into an obsessed Lushie!!! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the Lushie Community!
    YouTube – JessicaLK
    Instagram – plainjanejane

  47. Hey, April. I am interested in the contest. I am following you here and on you tube under Alicia Austin-Brooks. I also follow you on instagram. My name there is Ali_b_lush2.

  48. Hello! What a great giveaway April! You’re too kind 😊
    My YouTube username is toby Rapp
    Instagram: tinytoby93
    Good luck everyone!! 🌟

  49. My YouTube is MissPinkachuu and my Instagram is @the.rat.princess

    Thank you for this opportunity 🙂

  50. Such an amazing opportunity! Thanks so much for your generosity and kindness April, you’re so sweet! My YouTube and Instagram name is @23alittle

  51. Omg I’m flippin out! Thank you so much for the opportunity! You’re too generous!! Much love!😊❤
    My youtube username is LarissaBogarin and
    My insta is @lush_loca.

  52. Such an amazing giveaway! My youtuber username is: Letitia and my instagram name is: ilikelush_

  53. What a generous giveaway! My YouTube name is AC L and my Instagram name is lapourca1. Thanks!

  54. Hi April, I have subscribed to all your pages. On instagram my name is huntley_alex and on YouTube it’s alexhuntley

  55. Hello my name is kimmysparkle21 on Instagram and on YouTube I am kimmy sparkle.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  56. Hi april. I forgot to message you on your blog. Im LS on youtube and lushaholiccc on insta. Thanks!

  57. What an amazing opportunity!
    My name on YouTube is Ashleigh Smith and Instagram is Ash.Maree92 😄

  58. Thank you for the giveaway please enter me. I use the same email address on YouTube and your blog

  59. Thank you so much for the opportunity!! You are so so so generous✨ My YouTube name is LovelyLadyErin and my Instagram name is once again, THANK YOU!!💖

  60. Thank you so much to give us a chance to have amazing products like this! My youtube channel is Belle Bond! Hope to win!

  61. Hi April,

    I do not have an instagram. I hope I will still be considered for your giveaway… if not that’s ok!

  62. My YouTube name is Celeste Willett, and my instagram name is Cellyml12. Thank you so much for doing an awesome giveaway. So generous of you. And thank you for sharing all your Lush knowledge!! It’s very helpful for a newbie, like me.

  63. Hi, I would love to win this giveaway as I am still quite new to lush and have a hard time picking out what products to try on a college budget. My name on Youtube is Sarah Sparks as well as your blog and my email is the same for both. My instagram name is @thawahthpawakth

    I wish you the best, April, your bright spirit brings me joy everytime I watch one of your videos and it’s very clear to me that you have a very good heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ❤️ Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!

  64. Hi April!! If at all possible can I resend my comment without my email address posted as it is just to prevent possible spam to my email addy and rather type it out as kimdutoit(at)me(dot)com. Sorry!! Thanks!

  65. Hi 👋 I’m entering 🙂 my YouTube name is Оля Иванова (in Russian) and I follow your instagram account (my name there is olyaolyaolushka) Thank you ♥️

  66. Please can I enter the giveaway, my name on YouTube is Amanda Pixton and on instagram is manicmandyuk. Thanks.

  67. This is my first time doing a giveaway like this so I hope I do it correctly. My YouTube is Yas Chaney. My Instagram is Im_just_yas

  68. This is Amazing and so kind and generous you are such a lovely ladie thank you for this chance my YouTube is Amanda swain and my Insta is ima_monster_mandy i love your vids a lot .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  69. You desever only good and amazing blessing to come your way as you are so generous and kind so I pray that you get the same kindness and generosity back as you are an amazing human.❤️❤️

  70. My name is Ali Myatich and i love watching your videos! I think they are super helpful and just wanted to say quickly how much I appreciate this giveaway and you! Someone is gonna be really happy haha:-) your videos give me just a few minutes of escape into happiness each time you upload, so I thank you. I’m excited to see who wins!!!!

  71. Hey April! Thanks for such a lovely giveaway!!
    My Instagram is Thatcapetownlushie & my utube is also capetownlushie

  72. My Instagram name is Evilredkitty and my you tube name is Sarah Evilredkitty Dial thanks for the giveaway I think I may be too late but oh well I’ll get it next time 😉

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