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Please look after this Jelly Bomb and uplifting orange flower absolute will look after your mood. Get in a warm bath, toss in this brightening brunch of Brazilian orange and grapefruit oils and relax as jelly covers the water, softening skin and spreading joy as it goes.

Travelling all the way from deepest darkest Poole, vibrant oranges and yellows will chase away the blues. Without a shred of a doubt, bad moods will be toast!
Sodium Alginate

Grapefruit Oil

Brazilian Orange Oil

Orange Flower Absolute

Orange Slices

Finally, Marmalade is an orange lovers dream, packed with citrus to brighten the skin, this zesty Jelly Bomb contains an uplifting orange scented jelly and dehydrated orange pieces – just like bathing in a big jar of vibrant marmalade! Juicy grapefruit oil, Brazilian orange oil and orange flower absolute burst from this Jelly Bomb, creating refreshing citrus waters. Lie back and bask in this sunny, feel-good bath.

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