Lush Halloween 2017 

2017 (NA, UK, Lush Kitchen, Oxford Street)


Bewitched gift set

Black Rose (NA & UK)

Ectoplasm (UK)

Hedgewitch (NA & UK)

Goth Fairy SparklE (NA & UK)

Little Pumpkin gift set

Lord of Misrule bath bomb (NA & UK)

Lord of Misrule shower gel (NA & UK)

Magic Wand

Monster’s Ball (NA & UK)

Mystic knot wrap (NA & UK)

Pink Pumpkin (NA & UK)

Pumpkin (NA & UK)

Rainbow Skulls knot wrap (NA & UK)

Sparkly Pumpkin (NA & UK)

Keep an eye here. I’ll be writing my page, and adding my usual Lush Halloween products (and Lush Christmas on another page) directories here on my blog, this page, in a few weeks, way before they come out in the U.S. Just like I did with the Lush  Halloween 2016, and Christmas 2016 like I do every year since 2002, so you guys can get a feel for what the Christmas products are like so you can decide what you’d like to buy. 😀♥️  they’ll debut at the Lush Creative Showcase 2017 like last year’s Creative Showcase 2016
What are you guys hoping to see return this year? 

Here are some of my Lush Halloween 2016 photos.

11 thoughts on “Lush Halloween 2017 

  1. Christingle, Snow Castle soap, Snow Cake shower gel (kitchen), Peppermint Bark scrub, Peeping Santa bubble bar, Snow Fairy everything lol, the angel bath melt with the gold glitter on it and the Rose Jal shower gel. How about all of it?!

  2. I’m hoping for monsters ball, calacas sg, lom body conditioner, boo bath melt, night wing shower jelly, sparkly pumpkin and maybe some new things we have yet to try!!

  3. Huge fan of the Monster’s Ball. If that doesn’t come back, I’ll be so devastated! Also want to see the ‘Pumpkin’ bath bomb. Really liked that one! And of course, Lord of Misrule.

  4. I’m such a sucker for getting the knot wraps! Especially Halloween time. RAINBOW SKULLS. Omg I cannot wait. One day I’ll have a quilt or tapestry or 2 of my collection 🙂

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