Solid Lush Gorilla IV perfumes 

I’m going to add these to my Gorilla IV page too. 

I’ll be adding g more info here like names, prices tonight. 

Photo courtesy of @alecommy on Instagram 

4 thoughts on “Solid Lush Gorilla IV perfumes 

  1. Love the colourful appearance,cute packaging.Have seen a similar photo on your Insta in april(a lilac one).Is it an old style cing back?As far as I have been a lushie,there has been a tin packaging.Is it true vol.4 is going to come out around sept.15?I have seen a video on facebook saying Amelie Mae,I’m home,Rentless,WWLD will be available worldwide,but Tank bottle,Road to Damaskus,Imesh,Secret garden,Sweet grandma and Blackcurrant angel will be Oxford street exclusive.What infos do you have?

  2. Cool packaging! Wish the solid perfume scents lasted longer…🤔…but I’m totally on board. Will def be getting these!

  3. Well I remember back in 2014 I think it was, end of that year, when they had the new solid perfumes. I bought LUST and it was in the red color, I’m not kidding it stained everything. It was impossible to use in that format bc the color smeared everywhere. I am hesitant about these little pots because of that….

    • Oooooh. Not good. ☹️ I think I’ll wait until I hear a few reviews. Don’t want stained stuff, no matter haw good the stain smells. 🙄

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