So…let’s talk holiday exclusives 

So, as I’m sure many of you are, I’m curious what products were/are exclusive to this year’s Lush 2017 Creative Showcase Event, which are exclusive to Oxford Street. Which are exclusive to Lush uk, and finally; which products are coming here to North America. 

So I’m just going to post this in sort of a journal style, kinda casual like, and ask that if you have any info to please share with us. I’ll update this as people give me information. ❤️

For instance, initially I understood  the giant 1.2 kilo Golden Wonder was exclusive to the Creative Showcase event, However,  they are being sold on the Lush UK website 

Also, I believe some of the swag was exclusive to the showcase. Some are exclusive to the UK. I’ll try to differentiate those here first.

After I get it all together and correct, I’ll add this info to the Christmas 2027 page and the showcase page.

15 thoughts on “So…let’s talk holiday exclusives 

  1. See my post on nee solid perfumes.Two front teeth is not available online,haven’t seen facial oils/essential oils fro. Naked line,too.

  2. My Two Front Teeth is on Lush UK site, I just ordered some today. What about One Eskimo bubble bar….haven’t seen it online??

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