Lush Perfumes List

See my list of more than 100 Lush perfumes (not just the Lush Gorilla series perfumes) that I’m building below.

I own about 100 or more different Lush perfumes. I’ve bought every one they’ve made since 2001.

I’ve taken the photos on this page to give you an idea of my collection.


I have about 70-80 more Lush perfumes to add to the list below, and I need to create blog pages for each of them (yikes) but I’m going at a fast pace.


29 High Street
All Good Things

Amelie Mae

Black Currant Angel

Cardamom and Coffee

Day of the Dead
I’m Home
Kerbside Violet
Orange Blossom
Plum Rain
Rose Jam
Self Esteem Machine
Smugglers Soul
Something Wicked This Way Comes

Superworld Unknown

Tank Battle
The Bug
What would Love Do?


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