4 out of 5 rating

Oakmoss, violet.

Smells sweet, and floral with violet but having a green moss note. It smells odd but nice.

This perfume is currently called ‘Fantabulosa’ as Lush changed the name.

They also make a solid, yellow, reusable bubble bar called Fantabulosa with the same scent.

This was a perfume that the creators of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics made in the mid 2000s at their ‘B Never Too busy to be beautiful’ boutique in london. I ordered these perfumes at that time during that time. Lush hasn’t made Ladyboy perfume since, except for one location, 29 High Street, in 2014, which is where i got my bottle.

Lush also made different bath and body products, like soaps, lip balm, etc. in the Ladyboy fragrance. I have pics of a few of those products that i will post here on my blog in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Ladyboy

  1. Looking for Ladyboy or a similar scent. My lady loved this product and very keen to be a hero for her. Any ideas appreciated!

    • Hi there.
      Unfortunately there isnt any lush perfume or product that is exact but there are a couple of discontinued things that are similar. The main notes in Ladyboy were oakmoss, and violet. Very unusual notes to combine. Lush does have some products like masaage bar and perfume called ‘Tuca Tuca’ on Mercari and/or Ebay. Tuca Tuca is similar to ladyboy because it has violet. But its sweeter than Ladyboy because there’s no oakmoss to ground it.

      Trying to think of what else…. Oh this is discontinued too but there’s a Lush bath oil called ‘Violet Nights’ which can sometimes still be found on ebay or mercari. Thats similar to ladyboy too.

      Also, you may want to try some facebook Lush buy/swap/sell sites such as ‘Lush swap sell buy’ or even Instagram #Lushsale accounts if you look under that hashtag.

      Also, are you in the States or the Uk?

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