What’s in your shower currently?

What shower products (lush or non-lush) do you currently have in your rotation in your shower?

Here’s a pic of mine. I’m rotating between Lush Antiope naked shower gel, Lush Raspberry Milkshake gourmet soap, Lush Argan Dragon shower oil, and Lush Uluru shower gel.

5 thoughts on “What’s in your shower currently?

  1. I have been using raspberry milkshake and Santa’s Christmas liquid shower cream recently. I hope more things come out in the raspberry milkshake scent. It is one of my new faves.

  2. I have so many lush products I’m trying to finish off I’m.sort of picking what I feel like. In my actual shower though I have a soap and glory sugar crush gel that is lasting forever and one of the snow fairy solid shower gels that I think I’m just going to throw out. It’s a waste of money but I just don’t like the solid shower gels at all.

  3. Karma soap, OGX condition and Maui Moisture shampoo. I love lush, but it’s slightly out of my price point all the time, AND, my hair is very very curly, but thin, and it’s hard to find products that work well for it. I need to order some Fresh Farmacy soon.

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