Scent Family-Butterball

Such an Underrated scent imo. In the pic are Lush 2018 ‘Peace Pioneer’ shower oil from the Summit, Butterbear christmas bath bomb, Butterbear wash card, Butterball body conditioner and Buttetball shower gel from the Lush Kitchen, and Butterball bath bomb from my local lush store. ♥️I’ve always loved this. To me it smells like chocolate. Even though it’s not made with chocolate, it’s made with ylang ylang and synthetic musk.

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

.see my tub demo video below!

photo below cred to @Lushiezzz on Instagram

It’s said to have the ‘Prince Charming’ shower gel scent. Though in my noses opinion (your mileage may vary) the bright fruity note in the shower gel is less so in the bath bomb. theres a floral note in Prince Charming shower that is more prevelant in the bath bomb.

Citrussy, floral with a woody-ish note.

photo cred to @Alecommy


Lush is making available today the ‘Turtle’ jelly bomb. I love it! It’s made in the same pine, Cypress, sandalwood and seaweed scent as their retro ‘Geophyzz’ bath bomb. So cute. They have little agar agar bits inside them to represent their plight with pollution in our oceans from waste.

In my photo below are the Mama Turtle above and baby turtle below her.

Here is a video recording of my tub demo of these.

Lush 2018 Regenerative Shower Oils

Lush has introduced 8 new solid shower oils at their Uk Lush Summit 2018 in London. These are to the body what Avocado Co Wash is to the hair. It’s co washing for the body.

It’s very slippery in the shower when you use these! The cocoa butter sometimes falls on the floor and it makes it slick so please be careful.

Before Lush called themselves Lush they were called “Cosmetics To Go’, during this time they made and sold a shower oil in a spray can called ‘Coco Loco’ shower oil.  So once again Lush Uk has thought out of the box and have remade the shower oils as solid so that there is no packaging involved. I will be getting 7 of the below shower oils next week and I will write reviews and record demo videos of each of them for you.

Here’s a video I made describing each one and I demo how it works on my arms in the sink.

These are finally something I would REALLY use, on an ongoing basis, everyday.

In the photo below the bottom row of four are my favorites.

The strongest scented are peace pioneer, vertical Abhyanga and argan dragon.

These are Finally a replacement for lotion, no pot, easy to use and store.

Almond Blossom (Mallorquin soap scent)

Argan Dragon (Bubblegum lip scrub scent)

Coco Loco (yellow Submarine scent)

Cool Beans (completely new scent)

Minamisoma (avocado co wash scent)

Nausicaa’s Golden Flask (a variation of Berry Berry Christmas scent)

Peace Pioneers (Butterball scent)

Vertical Abhyanga (The Soft Touch scent)