Which Lush Kitchen shower gel do you like most?

It’s hard but I can only narrow it down four if I absolutely had to, which are Avoacado Wash, Calacas, Lord of Misrule & Sultana.

Which one is your favorite out of this recent batch?

5 thoughts on “Which Lush Kitchen shower gel do you like most?

  1. I haven’t gotten mine yet but I only ordered American cream I almost ordered sultana and avo but sadly didn’t. And I missed the bath oils you posted the other day those look so nice. I’m curious about the foundation but I really don’t wear any and I’m sure it will melt

  2. Hello 🙂 I chatted with a Lush seller. He told me that Lush Kitchen is over. The shower gels that were created recently come from the same production room of the other shower gels. Even if they are exclusives

  3. Avocado wash. But they sent me Lord of Misrule sample and now Im craving that like a junkie going into withdrawals(hence why Im on your page seeing they released every form of it and I missed them all). What would you say the best version of LOM? I havent had a bottle since 2014. Not impressed with calacas. Its too strong- I keep thinking Im missing something with it? Ac and sultana are ok. I will use them. I don’t feel they need to be in store, thats dumb. If I want the ac smell, Ill just use the conditioner, the smell from shower gels and soaps never lasts like lotion or perfume anyway. If I want to wash with sultana, Ill buy a bar of soap. i feel the sultana shower gel is much more blackberry scented than sultana soap scented. I can see Avocado wash being in store. The in store shower gels now, are stale. Happy Hippy and Olive branch need to be retired. Id like to see Twilight available year round in store also.

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