Saturday Dinner

Saturday Dinner

Instant Pot Osso Bucco over gnocchi Cacio e Pepe.

Tonight my husband made Osso Bucco in the IP and served prepared in the traditional manner. Plated with some fresh parsley and manchego cheese.

Most excellent.

A lot of people on Instagram asked to please make a video so Next time he cooks something like this I’m going to try to get it on video.

The gnocchi melted in my mouth and the cheesy manchego laden sauce was light and perfect for it. The Osso Bucco was very tender and juicy and the sauce had some big, bold flavors, such as basil and garlic.

Yes. This one will be made again because I’m not above begging when this dish is involved.

One can use the instant pot for the Osso Bucco part.

People have asked if my husband is a chef. The answer is No, he’s an Information Technology Security Engineer, who loves to cook. Fortunately for me 🙂 ♥️

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