Lush Christmas 2018 and Halloween leaks!

I found these on Instagram lushleaks2018!

I wonder if it’s really true?

I know my peers are making videos about this but I have to admit I was a bit too lazy to set up so I decided to write my commentary instead.

If this all is really true I can’t wait to buy them at the Lush Creative Showcase 2018 in September.

My commentary is below.

Oh here’s another page with more new Lush 2018 products coming.

I am SO glad to see Bewitched coming back (again, IF this all is true) because I’ve been painfully squirreling away my three I had hoarded away. I pray this is true because as some of you know, the blackberryish frankincense combo scent is everything to me.

Mostly…I Cannot WAIT until the full Ectoplasm line. The first second I unboxed TreeD bath oil and Ectoplasm and sniffed them I stated to my friends on Facebook that a perfume would be a huge hit. I’m so so glad about this. And there may or may not be a shower creme of Ectoplasm coming for Halloween. Go to my Ectoplasm page for more specifics but it’s a different kind of citrus scent. No really, it’s really different. It’s got a very bright note in it. To my nose anyway, it’s neither lemony nor orangey, but not exactly lime either. More like grapefruit, with something added, litsea cubeba or something close to that.

More below..

these also

Lord of Misrule bath bomb

Ectoplasm jelly bomb

Monster’s Ball bath bomb

Bewitched bubble bar

Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar


Shoot for the Stars bath bomb

Golden Wonder bath bomb

Snow Fairy jelly bomb

Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb

Butterbear bath bomb

Star Light Star Bright bath melt

Magic Wand bubble bar

Twilight sparkle jar

Snow Fairy sparkle jar

Fairy Dust dusting powder

Buche de Noel face cleanser

Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub (potted only)

Once Upon A Time body lotion (potted+naked)

Christingle body conditioner (potted+naked)

Snow Fairy body conditioner (potted+naked)

Bucks Fizz body conditioner (potted+naked)

Snow Fairy shower gel (liquid+naked)

Santa’s Belly shower jelly

Christmas Citrus soap

Snow Fairy soap

Golden Pear soap

Baked Alaska soap

Shooting Stars soap

Where do I start? I know, how about YOG NOG bubble bar?!?!?!?!

Heavenly, slightly buttery sweet, slightly dusted with Christmas spices.

I LIKE buttery.

*Cue fainting*

I love a spicy Christmas, a pink Christmas, a citrussy Christnas, or even a sweet Christmas. But Give me a Plum Christmas…or a Buttery Christmas ANY day.

Also, anything having the word ‘plum’ is already on my list to buy. I never NOT love anything Lush makes with plum in its name.

Maybe buttery plums.

Anyway, another item that’s got my eye is ‘Naughty Elf’. I’m hoping naughty elf has the Lush jilted elf jelly scent. It’s an odd, peppery little scent but I miss smelling it in the form of the Elf on a Shelf fun bar and the Jilted Elf jelly.

Hold on …a Butterball jelly?

I LOVE buttery. Thus I love Butterball ANY thing.

It looks like Candy Mountain bubble bar is coming back but apart from that there is a Shit load of NEW, or at least seemingly new products. I count 25. How about you? As LushLeaks states there may be more products than the ones listed, who knows.

Damnit, I want three to five of every bath bomb and bubble bar already! WHY do you DO this to me Lush!

I’m trying to get a sense on the theme this holiday… Its not ‘Space-y’ as last year’s theme. It’s not a particularly fruity theme at first glance, though the soaps have distinctly fruity qualities to their names certainly.

But I’m too distracted to think anymore about that because of the God Damn abundance of LIQUID shower gel goodness!!! Ahhhhhh!!! A Liquid Twilight/Sleepy shower CREME?! *Lip quivers* And supposedly, still a rumor at this point is the upcoming ‘Here Comes the Sun’ liquid shower gel. BUT…apparently we may also get Cinders shower gel! I love that spicy orange scent. While Cinders isn’t as spicy as Lush ‘Hot Toddy’ or ‘Glogg’, it is spicier than the usual orange scents, because of the addition of cinnamon. At least it used to have cinnamon. Lush has been changing their shower gel formulations so who knows.

It’s almost too good to be true.

It really does seem like they listened to all of us!

Additionally, I noticed a bomb called Puddy Holly. There WAS a Puddy Holly bath *bomb*, so I’m wondering if the bubble bar will be anything like it. It had a Snowcake-like scent with a little extra somethin somethin.

Kind of tired of the bubble spinners to be honest BUT…a Snowflake. I bet it’s absolutely gorgeous, all icing looking with sparkle.

Also, my Spidey senses tells me that many (not all) of these lovely, Yummy sounding soaps will all have new scents. Im wondering if Satsuma soap will be anything like their Satsuma bath bomb, which I LOVED.

And am I the only one who senses something else plum rain scented?

Dying to know what the two ‘gift bath bombs’ will be. I’m imagining actual bombs with some kind of gift shape?

Lastly, I always love the Lush bath melts and oils a LOT as some of you know so I can’t wait to try plum pudding bath melt.

Did I mention I like buttery things?

11 thoughts on “Lush Christmas 2018 and Halloween leaks!

  1. Ectoplasm is also what I’m waiting for…both the perfume & gel/cream. 👍 Also, Cinders, Here Comes The Sun (🤞) and a BUNCH of the soaps. Ghost In The Dark? What?? Can’t wait! I’m not really into baths, just showers, so none of the bombs, melts or bubble bars are for me, but still, they sound wonderful! 😃👍 I hope this list turns out to be true.🙌

  2. I think so much of this sounds amazing!!! I don’t even know what I’m going to do – I already have so many lush products hoarded away as it is… I guess I’ll probably be forced to remain calm and just not purchase anything this year so avoid my house and life from being even more overrun by lush, but it’s such a shame! I think wish I was a newbie lushie so I could just buy it all!!!

    • I could see myself purchasing holly berry massage bar, cinders shower gel, butterbear shower jelly and festive fun. Anything more would just take up space and just doesn’t seem necessary!

    • lol me too! on the one hand i’m glad i haven’t bought lush in awhile, but now i have many indie vendor bath bombs to go through before anything else will fit!

  3. Maybe ‘Ghost in the Dark’ actually glows in the dark. There is a colourant out there for that now, as I’m sure you know. I’m excited! I do wish they’d do a shower gel/bath bomb etc with The Smell of Weather Turning though ❤

      • It would be SO cool! They need more of lesser known scents like TSoWT & Avocado Wash…until now! Just look what happened with Avocado Wash! Oh, if I could drink it, I would!

  4. Mostly excited, but the one thing I’m nervous about is the Halloween leak: “At least one of the following: Pumpkin, Sparkly Pumpkin, Pink Pumpkin. The Pumpkin bath bomb was the only true pumpkin scent Lush has. The two pumpkin bubble bars were citrus, (which I did like) and floral, (which I hated). Lush really needs to keep that Pumpkin spiced bath bomb in the lineup!!! It’s not Halloween without it.

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