Well, i guess i wont be revewing the LushLabs haircare

With all due respect Lush – waiting 30 days before you can say its missing and offer a replacement, doesnt work when the items in question are exclusives.

This isnt working well.

4 thoughts on “Well, i guess i wont be revewing the LushLabs haircare

  1. I’m generally a fan of yours, but I find this post gross.

    We all take a chance when we use Royal Mail instead of courier.

    Lush takes us at our word when a Royal Mail package goes missing, and refunds us, no questions asked.

    I get the disappointment, but at the same time, you get tons of free stuff from Lush.

    Though surely not you intention, this post reads as a “threat” of bad publicity and s grab for more free stuff—not gracious.

    If you would prefer an intermediate option between Royal Mail and courier (for tracking), you should say that.

    I can’t see how they would be able to honor their refund policy for Royal Mail w/o giving it the full 30 days. I have had packages I was sure were lost arrive at the 30 day mark.

    I am posting this having posted positively about you always. Please take it as the well intentioned feedback it is intended as.

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