Lover Lamp

Here’s my demo video below of Lover Lamp Valentine’s Day 2016 bath bomb in the bath tub

Look, this might be coming on too strong, but it seems like you should get the hots for Fair Trade organic cocoa butter. Melting into an amorous embrace of softening water, butter hearts coat skin in heavenly moisture. In a whirl of chocolate orange notes, Fair Trade vanilla absolute and Brazilian orange oil whisper sweet nothings that lift your mood. Their scent lingers in your mind and on your skin all day long.

Prince Charming shower gel

4.5 out of 5 rating

If it were a tad sweeter i would give it a 5.

See my close up Video demo below showing the way it pours.

This smells fruity, not very sweet, with a floral note from geranium.

This year 2020 Lush made a shower gel instead of the more moisturizing shower creme thst theyve made in the past.

Below is my close up demo video i made of this shower cream. 😄 this has pomegranates, geranium and smells floral and fruity. Gorgeous!

Every year it’s a different shade of pink which is fun and i love that they do that. This year 2021 it’s more of a pink color and less red. And there’s no glitter.

How to use:
Smooth across your body in the shower for sweet and fruity suds. Rinse away for a new fairytale that ends in soft, fresh skin.

List of ingredients

Natural Ingredients 
Safe Synthetics

A perfect Valentine’s shower rinse. Fresh pomegranate juice will seduce your senses while marshmallow root rescues your skin.


Lush made a bath bomb in the Prince Charming scent in 2018 at their lush summit in London.

I was lucky enough to acquire one from my friend Amelia, and so I took a scent family photo.

List of ingredients

Natural Ingredients 
Safe Synthetics

List of ingredients

Natural Ingredients 
Safe Synthetics

Frog Prince

5 out of 5 ratingSee video below.  Also see “Leap Frog” bath bomb, same bomb, different names.This was first made for Valentine’s in the 2009-2011 time frame.


I absolutely love everything about this bath bomb.  It’s super cute, and the smell is great, and the water is a nice color when he fizzes away.  The scent stays on my skin longer than most bath bomb scent. It’s a floral.  It’s a multiple floral.  Good Lush floral blends are fewer then the fruity or candy scents from Lush, and this is a nice floral.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute , Ylang Ylang Oil.




Lush Times: Another magical creation by Michelle, Frog Prince is an extremely handsome and regal frog with a pair of vibrantly red and kissable lips. Give him a quick peck, drop him in the tub and wait for your prince to come. Simon’s new fragrance is an aphrodisiac blend with sweet undertones; he used jasmine, neroli and rosewood to create a sensual fragrance for those longing for their prince – or princess – to come. It’s not all about the fragrance with this one, it’s also brimming with cocoa butter and almond oil for a luxuriously moisturising soak.

Heart Throb


Lush has made an absolutely gorgeous bath time treat for this Valentine’s Day 2015.  It’s a solid but squishy bubble bar called “Heart Throb”.  It’s two heart-shaped chunks of gorgeous deep red with beautiful glittery gold cocoa butter sandwiched in between. Lush has said they made it to smell just like their popular “African Paradise” body conditioner, which is available ow in lush shops and online, in the Uk and U.S.

It’s a sweet flora.  It’s got extra skin softening cocoa butter too, more so than other Lush bubble bars.

To see a video i made of the Hearthrob bubbleroon click on this Youtube link

It’s a Date!






Ingredients: £2.85 Shipping Weight: 100gs
sodium bicarbonate, cream of tartar, sodium laureth sulfate, lauryl betaine, date, perfume, cocamide DEA, sandalwood oil, tangerine oil, benzoin resinoid, colour 45410

Review: This was first introduced in 2002 for Valentine’s Day. It was re-made twice thus far in 2004 and 2005 during the Lush UK Retro remake. Lush‘s “It’s a Date!” bubble bar was advertised as having the same scent as Lush‘s “Sugar Plum Fairy” and “Plum Duff” ballistics.
Indeed it does. It was suggested to use the bubble bar as a way of making a date with your sweetie. It has an actual date (the fruit) in the middle. The date doesn’t look too good when it scares you later in the tub as it floats by [-) but just remember that you’ve got a date fruit in your tub. The actual bubble bar is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.
It’s a date is one in my holy trinity of Lush bbs; Flower Tub, Psychodelic and It’s aDate.
It’s smells like a lushious, fruity, pink cotton candy smell mixed with sensous sandalwood. Wow. Bright nuclear pink water and soft, fluffy, huge bubbles. It’s girly, it’s foody, it’s sensual all at teh same time, and this combination so works. This bubble bar certainly does stand alone scent-wise in the tub…but…if you can find a Sugar Plum Fairy or Plum Duff ballistic the two together make the best special occasion Lush “Bath ****” ever.

Spring 2003 LT Description: How bright can you make pink? Picture that and you’ll have the color of It’s a Date clearly appearing in your mind’s eye. On top of the sweet, fruitily scented It’s a Date is a piece of a date, the fruit from the palm tree, not a fraction of calendar. The idea is that if you’re a little too shy to ask someone out, you present your beloved with this, he or she will examine it closely an then point to the brown thing on the top. “What’s that?” he or she will ask. “It’s a Date!” you say. Job done. Then your date gets a lovely pink bubbly bath into the bargain. Clever or what?


Candy Fluff








Review: Firstly, there is no such regular product as the Lush Candy Fluff ballistic. Except, in these two Lush holiday gifts; the “Kiss Chase” heart shaped box, and the “Pink Easter Egg ballistic”. That’s why the pink heart shaped boxes were more popular than the other colors. And that’s why that Easter egg was more popular than the other Easter eggs also Candy Fluff ballistic smells like Snow Fairy to me, what’s wafting up to my nose as I smell the Candy Fluff ballistic without thinking about it, is Snow Fairy shower gel..and I love Snow Fairy shower gel. I smell something very fruity at first on the top note , and a bit of buttery goodness in the middle, and then this toasted almond thing as the top note. It’s primarily fruity (really fruity) when dried. This smells wonderful. It’s similar to Creamy Candy but it takes out some of the strong sweet smell and introduces a fruity melony scent. The combination of these scents is so yummy to my nose.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Chamomile Powder (Anthemis nobilis), Marigold Powder), Synthetic Musk, Benzyl Benzoate, Perfume.

Scent Family: The Godmother SoapCandy Fluff Perfume; Melting Marshmellow Moment Bath Melt; Snow Fairy Shower Gel; Candy Fluff Dusting Powder

Pink Caroline – Valentine’s Gift




A 700g heart-shaped ‘Softy’ ballistic.
And ticked inside of this giant heart-shaped ballistic are more heart-shaped items:

A heart-shaped ‘Amandopondo’ bubble bar.
A ‘Tisty Tosty’ ballistic.
A heart-shaped ‘Amandopondo soap’.

This was quite literally my favorite thing ever. I bought three from the uk in 2002.
The SMELL in my room from all of those together was HEAVEN on Earth. Truly. #lushthrowbackthursday #bathadt #bathoftheday #lushporn #lushvalentinesretro #lushretro #lushpinkcaroline #lushsoftyballistic #lushtistytosty #lushlove #lushlife #lushie #lushuk #lushna #lushltd #lushamandopondo #lushdigital