Furze bath oil

5 out of 5 rating

Has the same coconut fragrance as their “Furze” perfume. It has coconut, mimosa.

I am ADDICTED to this fragrance.  It is THE best coconut scented product that Lush makes.  It’s so softening.


If you don’t like bits in your bath, you may want to wrap this up in tea strainer or something so that all the cocoa butter melts in the tub but the green plant bits don’t go in your water.  I happen to like bathing in bits, petals, etc


Lush sells a salted coconut scrub in stores that has the same scent as “Furze’ bath oil and perfume.

Here’s a video demo i made with my Furze bath oil.

Sea Salted Caramel soap





This doesn’t smell like caramel as we think of it in the States) to me exactly, it smells more like the caramelized sugar topping of a creme brulee.  It’s a nice smell.  I like the scent of Yog Nog soap more.

Below is a video demo and review i made of this soap.

Rub Rub Rub body butter

I love the scrub. It’s one of Lush’ prettier square body scrubs. It has the mimosa flower, Cherry Blossom scent of their popular ‘Sakura’ bath bomb. A feminine scent. The exfoliating is enhanced by the moisturizing Cocoa butter which leaves skin sooo soft afterwards.

You just wash in the shower as usual, with soap or shower gel, then rinse off. Then you scrub the rough parts of your body like knees, elbows, legs, etc. Then simply rinse off in the shower and dry yourself off, that’s it. The lovely and natural floral scent lingers on my skin for a couple hours. I would suggest this.


Sacred Lotus

5 out of 5 rating

See my video demo below of this close up in the tub so that you can see the shimmer.

Having Tonka, Jasmine and Neroli, this gorgeous bath bomb epitomizes the “too pretty to use” bath bomb. Looking like a lovely lotus flower,  I was pleasantly surprised at the lovely combination of jasmine floral and lovely orangey neroli, with the creamy, vanillary note of tonka bean.

I have not had any Lush products with the combination of Jasmine, tonka and neroli.  It’s so fragile, that if anyone is having it sent from the UK to the US, it almost always ends up broken.  But that’s the risk we take to get our Lush frenzy quelled.  In this case it was SO worth it.

I find this to be such a gorgeous scent.  It’s one of the stronger scented fragrances.  I normally don’t like alot of jasmine, and i typically don’t like orange blossom.  However, this scent is just gorgeous. I give this bath bomb a 5 out of 5 rating.


Here’s a video i made of the Sacred Lotus in the tub