My indie bath forages – part 3 The Mad Bombers Camp Crystal Lake Haul!

part 1 of my Indie bath and body vendor series is here.

Here is a haul video below that i recorded with a bath cocktail video made from all these products.

The scent of real marshmallow was the overriding note in this box. Yummy.

This is my first themed bath box.

I have heard of the Mad Bombers in my periphery but had never looked to see what they offer. Again, nothing against the Mad Bombers, i was just too knee deep in Lush to try any other company.

This changed when i saw a product from one of my favorite bath vendors fly past the screen, Bedazzle your skin, who has collaborated with The Mad Bombers on this box. The product i saw fly by my feed was two marshmallows on a stick that were toasted golden brown and even had a golden sheen to the golden edges.

Except was a bubble bar.

I looked around wildly to make sure i actually saw it fly past my instagram feed.

I looked on the Bedazzled site…it wasnt there!

I looked on my feed again, it was..on the Mad Bombers feed? I scratched my head.

I looked closely at the name on the package and it DID say Bedazzled, not Mad Bombers. So why was it on THEIR site but not hers?

So i looked all over and realized that this marshmallow bubble bar product from Bedazzle your skin was only going to be included in a Mad Bombers collaborative theme box!

I was intrigued now.

I also noticed that there was a cookie from the black magic cakery in the box.

Thats it! I HAD to have it.

So i ordered the box. It retailed for 60.00 plus shipping.

I got it in approximately one week.

I took pics of all the contents and in a group photo as well.

Yo Mad Bombers, you got me, i’m hooked.

You had me at themed collab, and Sarahs marshmallows of carnage and a cookie sealed the deal.

The bath bomb lasted a long time, it smelled nice, and turned my bath a lovely bright orange peach color.

I smell like a giant marshmallow and my skin is so soft.

One thing to note, the soap isnt marshmallow scented. It has a WONderfully clean, green/aquatic scent! I like the soap ALOT in its own right.

Now i’m just waiting to see their next box. I just missed the Shark Week theme box though i eas able to get the ‘Dont get in the Water’ bomb and their Snow Cone bomb

How to use the summer camp spray in this box: spray on, let the alcohol dry down, now sniff the yummy UNfake marshmallow scent.


Come at me Jason!

I *might* let you have a marshmallow and a bite of my cookie.

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Below are some photos i took of a bath i had with The Mad Bombers ‘Dont Get in the Water’ bomb made for shark week.