Cyanide Pill


4 out of 4 rating

See my demo video below.  Cyanide Pill has a fruity creamy, comforting kind of beginning scent, then comes a bitter almond note, almost makes me wrinkle my nose.  I smell a vague cherryish note too.  There is a silver glitter in the middle of this yellow bath bomb, which disperses into the water and looks pretty and glittery.  Lush North America made a soap in 2015 called “Hands of Friendship’ which shares it’s scent with the Cyanide Pill.

When Lush had a gallery space built to introduce their new Gorilla III range of perfumes from their new “Death and Decay” series, they had a gallery room for each perfume they were introducing, including site and sound to match the perfume.  Cyanide perfume was one of them gallery displays.  However Lush never released the Cyanide perfume, turns out they only used the scent for the gallery display.  We’re told that this new Cyanide pill bath bomb has the scent of that Gorilla III ‘Cyanide’ gallery room.  I’ll have to try another one to make sure but i’m not sure i like the smells of this one. 2015 3.50 gpb / $5.75


The Lush bath oil called ‘Delight‘ has the same scent.

Lush description: Slide into the danger zone
Caution! This intoxicating almond bomb should wear a warning sign. Detonate in water for a mercury silver slick.

Ingredients:  popping candy, perfume, silver glimmer lustre, lemon oil, cedar wood oil, rosewood oil, almond essential oil.


Here’s my youtube video of what Cyanide Pill looks like in the tub. 🙂

Flower’s Barrow bath oil

5 out of 5 rating.  See my demo and review Video below

Another flower petaled beauty from Lush Oxford Street.  The smell of this one is HEAVENLY.  And the Heavenly scent stays on my skin for a good long time.  It smells just like a fresh meadow of flowers.  Just as an English Flower’s Barrow would smell.   This Flower’s Barrow bath oil was made with Lush’ Gorilla perfume of the same name.  Lush has also made a shampoo in the recent past called “Blousey” in this same scent.





Here’s a video i made of this Flower’s Barrow bath oil in the tub.

Oil on Troubled Waters

Lush description: Calm the storm as you unwind amongst clouds of mint and oakwood; you can almost smell the weather turning.




Here’s a video i made of what this looks like in the tub