Lush Kitchen Menu June 6-10

Monday: Lush Lime shower smoothie, £9.75, and Freeze shower gel, £10.50.
Tuesday: Iced Wine shower jelly, £8.25, and Phuket bath bomb, £3.95.
Wednesday: Ching Ling Soo bath bomb, £3.95, and Emperor Of Ice Cream buttercream, £10.50.
Thursday: Flying Saucers bubble bar, £3.95, and Fox In The Flowers bath bomb, £3.95.
Friday: Business Time massage bar, £5.00, and The Sicilian bath bomb, £3.95.

Here’s a video of my reviews of the upcoming Lush Kitchen products 🙂


In the Lush Kitchen this week Sept 27 2015


This bath bomb was originally made in 2005

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Coconut Cream, Coriander Oil, Vetivert Oil , Orange Oil , Dessicated Coconut, Perfume.


Review:  Prounced foo-kay, (one of my friends went scuba diving there once) this ballistic was good.  Not fabulous, but nice. 🙂 It made the water a bit creamier than most lush ballistics, I think that was because of the coconut cream. The orange and coriander went well the coconut. It could’ve been just a tad stronger but it was nice. You could see the small pieces of dessicated coconut in the water. But the scent was so weak. This was DC’ed in 2005.


Lush Times 2005 description: The thought of Jack Constantine larging it in Asia provided the inspiration for this one. Phuket, Mark was heard to say, he’s off enjoying himself again.