Melting Marshmallow Moments

A new bath oil “Melting Marshmallow Moments’ may sound familiar to you. That’s because there is already a bath melt in all stores with the same name.
This one of many products lush has made with the ‘Snow Fairy’ shower gel.
It’s a beautiful shimmery pink and yellow disk.
I was surprised that it didn’t color the water or have as much glitter as the other new Lush bath oils. However it has a good amount of scent in the bath and the almond oil and cocoa butter was moisturizing to my skin.
I think i like the Melting Marshmallow Moments bath melt more than this new solid bath oil. Mostly because it makes more of a showin the bath.
Not my favorite bath oil from Lush Oxford Street but it’s so pretty one can’t help but buy at least one.


Lush description: Sweet treat for silky skin.
Moisturizing marshmallow oil whipped up with cocoa butter and almond oils.

Here’s a video demo i made of the new Melting Marshmallow bath oil fast forward to 5:00