Snow Melt

This is one of my favoties of the 20+ bath oils Lush has made. This one was a Lush Uk exclusive for one day.

In my photo below im showing what i had in my Winter bath cocktail. I had 1 Lush Abombinaball Snowman bath bomb, some Lush Snow Showers jelly, and a Lush Snow Melt. They each have three different scent fragrances.

5 out of 5 rating

See my demo and review video below


Remember your first snow and the joy of catching flakes on gloves. Frosty, stimulating peppermint oil swirls with bright Sicilian lemon to recreate the crisp air. Fair Trade Organic cocoa and Organic illipe and shea butters soften skin and transform the water for creamy, snow white bliss.


List of ingredients

I absolutely love this bath oil. This actually ‘snows’ in the bath water.  I’ve never seen any of Lush’ new bath oils do what Snow Melt bath oil does.  And the scent of this is gorgeous.  It’s a tiny bit sweet, and minty, and it has a wonderful, fresh smell, just like real snow!

Here’s a video i made of the Snow Melt demo in the bath.  It actually ‘snows”!