Boo! shower slime

see my close up sink demo video below

In 2019 Boo was made in the Snow Fairy scent. This year 2020 Lush made this sparkly, black Boo slime in the Lord of Misrule scent.

Its definitely a different texture than the Lush Jellies. Its dryer and more textured. Its got more of a ‘stretch it and it snaps back’ feeling, kind of like bubble gum

Some slime does stay on your hand when youre handling it but so do the Lush jellies so..

This slime is easier to wash with than the jellies.

Here’s my video demo for you. I talk about it but i also wash my hands at the sink and show you close up what it looks like

Temple of the Sky

5 out of 5 rating, for looks and scent.

See my 3 minute tub Demo Video below.

In addition to the new ‘‘Flight’ bath bomn, here is a review and a couple of shots of Lush ‘Temple of the Sky’ bath bomb, exclusive to the @lushjapan store in Harajuku and on the Uk website. Smells like oranges. Its made with lon and orange oil.

This is one of two favorites of mine out of the latest six new Japan/Uk Lush bath bombs. The other four dont have quite the oomph Temple of the Sky and Flight have in my opinion.

Finalky a decent orange Lush scent. The orange in this is nice and strong and lasts the wjole bath. Thats another thing about this Temple in the Sky bomb….it fizzes for a long luxurious time.

List of ingredients