Yog Nog scent family

5 out of 5 rating

Yog Nog is an egg nog-like scent that has an added toasted caramel scent. Like creme brulee smells. Its so yummy that it fools you into thinking its edible. But its not.

My favorite of the bunch has to be the bubble bar. The perfume oil is the strongest.

Im glad i finally have enough things in this scent family to last me awhile. Perhaps ill sell a couple of them together.

This is a very popular set of products with Lushies. Lush has introduced it in one form or another every holiday season since 2013.

Here is a 30 second video

Yog Nog soap

Yog Nog uk spray perfume I’ll add my review soon

Yog Nog Mind the Gap FUN muti purpose bar

Yog Nog bath bomb

Yog Nog rhoulade

Yog Nog uk body lotion I still have to review mine

Yog Nog Yule Log bubble bar slice

Yog Nog perfume oil I still have to add my review

Do you like the Yog Nog products? If so which one have you tried?

Golden Pear soap

This is the first year (2020) that this Qlush soap doesn’t look just like Pear like in previous years (see in my photos below)

I demo the pear shaped soap in my video below.

It’s made with Agave syrup, pear puree, Cardamom! I live cardamom.

I give this soap a 5 out of 5 rating.

I love this soap. It really does smell like pear. Its made with pear puree as its fitst ingredient. It is also more moisturizing than other lush Christmas soaps, because sandwiched between the two halves of this pear is cocoa butter. 👍🏼

Also added is Sandalwood and coconut.

I absolutely love seeing a golden pear at my sink in the bathroom for the holidays.

This is the most expensive of the holiday soaps but its totally worth it!

Photo above courtesy of @squishieplushie on Instagram 🙂

Lush description: On the twelfth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:

A jar of pear purée
Murumuru butter
Warming cardamom oil
Some agave syrup
Brazillian orange oil
Organic cocoa butter
A drop of almond oil
Five Golden things!
Sandalwood oil
Creamy coconut
A whole organic clove…
…Are all part of Golden Pear soap

This pear-fect little soap creates a luxurious lather on the skin. Pear purée and cardamom oil cover skin in a scent reminiscent of warm fruit desserts and spiced cakes while murumuru butter moisturises and softens skin. A classy addition to any Christmas bath or shower. Wrap in a knot wrap and hide in the tree’s branches for a sumptuously scented treat.

Here is a demo and review of Golden Pear that i recorded

My photos of my Golden Pear below

Lush Uk at lush.co.uk made these exclusive bath bombs in the same golden pear scent. So we have a soap, a bath bomb, a bubble bar, a body spray, and some exclusive Golden Pear mouthwash tabs i got from Alessandro at the Creative Showcase event.

my Scent Family Photo

As i show in my photo below..One year, for Valentines, Lush made the madonna gaultier pointy bra looking bubble bars in the Golden Pear scent. 😊

List of ingredients

Elf on the Shelf

Meet the Elf On The Shelf, a cheeky chappy who’s here to add a little more fun to the holiday season. Packed full of twangy, vibrant grapefruit and ginger oils, he loves nothing more than popping up and surprising shower goers in unexpected places. Simply assemble your own elf and add a little extra sparkle to your festive routine by hiding him around the bathroom for friends and family to find – you could even take an elfie!

Here’s a demo video i made of the Elf on the Shelf fun bar.





Snowcake shower gel

5 out of 5 rating


This shower gel has the wonderful scent of Snowcake soap and Marzibain bubble bar. Firstly I was never knocked out about Snowcake soap. It was just “Meh” to me for years. But this shower gel has changed my mind completely about the Snowcake scent. When I opened the bottle I couldn’t believe how fresh it smelled! Everythying good that I could smell about Snowcake was in this bottle of shower gel. It is nice and strong and fresh smelling. It’s not sweet.  It smells lightly of rose and almond.  A clean, comforting scent. It’s got that marzipan scent, with a bit of rose and a bit of almond. I’m a Snowcake believer. I give this 5 stars.


Scent Family: Snowcake Perfume; Snowcake Soap; Snow On Snow Dusting Powder; Smitten Hand Cream; Oops! Almond Kisses Facial Moisturiser; Marzibain Bubble Bar Slice; Big Ed Yuletide Soap and so many more.

Here’s my demo and review video of it close up


4 out of 5 rating

Has rose oil and sicilian lemon.

See my demo video of my Igloo soap below

Here’s the 500g brick i got in mail order from lush.co.uk for 19-20 dollars.  They also sell a single size soap 100g, and a 250 piece.  Alternatively, you can go to your nearest Lush store and pick any piece you want from the giant store version.



Here’s my short video review of this lovely smelling soap


Shooting Stars

4 out of 5 rating

Above is what the single 100g pieces sold on the website look like.

See my short video review of my piece of Shooting Stars soap that i bought from Lush.co.uk.  I bought a 500g piece the day it came up on the website.  I think i paid 19.00 for it or something close to that. For 5 pieces of soap (same wight as).  Have you seen the price of soap in the U.S. lately?

These in the below photo are the giant soaps in the stores.

I LOVE that Lush did something they’ve never done and used starfruit in this soap.  Hence the name.  It has a fruity scent all it’s own.  Right on Lush!


Here’s a photo i took of my piece that i got from one of the big store display soaps.


Here’s my short video description and review of this soap


Candy Cane

See my 5 minute demo and review video of this below 🙂


This has a lightly minty scent, and it does have real mint in it.  There are also a couple of other notes alongside the mint, such as, Cypress, which always reminds me of being amongst the high mountain trees.  Someone described Lush ‘Candy Cane’ smoothie rhoulade as having a scent that Men would like too, and i would agree.  ‘Candy Cane’ does not have a strong scent of mint like Lush minty “Christingle’ body conditioner. There’s a slight sweetness to this rhoulade, but it’s not very sweet.  It’s more refreshing than sweet to my nose.

It doesn’t strip my already dry skin of it’s moisture when i wash with it.

I would give this a 4 out of 5 stars.



Here’s my 5 minute demo and review of the Lush Candy Cane smoothie rhoulade.

Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub and lip tint

See my demo video below 5 out of 5 rating

The new ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ Lip scrub has a scent similar to the Comforter, having currants in the mix. The Sugar Plum Fairy lip tint is a bit dry going on. I was afraid the color of this lip tint would be too a bit too dark for me, especially since it is quite a cool toned color. The smell of the lip tint is very light..

The returning Santa lip scrub, which smells like Cola to me, and the true red of the Santa Baby lip tint. Though the lip tint is a little dry going on and has some fall out crumbles.The smell is incredible and i much prefer the sugar plum fairy scrub out of the bunch.

I would give the Sugar Plum Fairy scrub a 5 out of 5 rating.
I would give the Santa Baby scrub a 3.5 out of 5 rating.
I would give Sugar Plum Fairy lip tint a 3.5 out of 5 rating.
I would give the Santa Baby lip tints a 2.5 out of 5 rating.

Here’s a video of the 2016 ‘Sugar Plum’ Fairy’ lip tint and lip scrub


4.5 out of 5 rating

See my tub demo video of this bubble bar below 🙂

Having the scent of Lush “Frozen’ bath bomb, “perfume, ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’ and “Shine So Bright’.Made with David Bowie in mine, this snowman shaped bubble bar is adorable.  I love the irridescent sheen on it, to make it look glam like David Bowie, i love that Lush even made Snowie with two different colored eyes, as David Bowie did have.


The scent is nice and strong.  The sparkle that is on the bar doesn’t show up in the water, but that’s alright.  And even though this doesn’t color the water, there is something ot be said about the all white – ness of this bath. The water was a milky white, and moisturizing too!

I’m glad i can have my lovely Frozen scent in bubble bar form as well.  Maybe i’ll try having a frozen layered cocktail with a frozen bath bomb and this lovely Snowie bubble bar.

Lush: “This hazy cosmic jive of bright, tangy grapefruit and neroli will take you far away from it all. Don’t blow it; simply crumble under running water. In a flash, glam sparkle and oodles of bubbles will burst out to make you feel like one of the world’s biggest stars. The exquisite fragrance of rose oil provides delicate, floral sophistication, freezing the troubles of the outside world. Let your body boogie.”


*occurs naturally in essential oils.

We do not test our finished products on animals. We also only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals. More.


4.5 out of 5 rating

See my demo video below




Sharp and zesty tangerine oil bubbles say the soak’s on you! This jingly jangly, sweet as candy, reusable bar is packed with enough Sicilian mandarin to have you turning cartwheels round the room and bouncing off the walls. Sugar coat your soaks more than once, by swishing around the bath or dancing under the running water, for peaks of colourful foam and bubbles galore.Here’s a demo video i made in the tub of this bubble bar



5 out of 5 rating

See my tub demo video of this below

Lush made this lovely ‘Mistletoe’ Christmas 2016 bath bomb with their popular “Silky Underwear’ scent.  It’s a lovely smoky vetiver and jasmine fragrance. It almost smells as if there is a dash of vanilla in there too, but there isn’t any.  The ingredients lists holly lustre, but i didn’t see any sparkle to this nor in the water?

It’s not a jasmine fragrance of the strongest kind, such as, Flying Fox, Floating Flower, Godiva. Yes Yes Yes, or Lust.  This is a more sultry jasmine, not too strong.  It has a slight sweetness to it, and a deep vetiver note. Vetiver has an earthy and smoky aroma, it feels restorative and relaxing and has been referred to as the oil of tranquillity.


Don’t get caught under the mistletoe this Christmas; pop it straight in the bath and leap in! A dizzyingly romantic, sweet-as-kisses bundle of heady jasmine and sultry vetivert begin your festive romance. As floral layers of colour fizz away they conjure up a nostalgic fairy tale fragrance that’s sure to sweep you off your feet.

While this has no glitter in it, i do’t miss it.  This is such a beautiful and perfect bath bomb.


List of ingredients

Here’s a short tub demo video of this gorgeous bath bomb in the water


4 out of 5 rating

See my demo video below

This was made with the ‘Celebrate‘ /’Golden Wonder‘ bomb scent. It smell fizzy like grapefruit soda.

Here’s a video of my demo and review of Bubbly

Magic Wand

5 out of 5 rating. 

It’s not particularly moisturizing but that smell is SO good!

This smells SO incredibly yummy.

Lush description:

‘Mystical pomegranate soap

Magical folk and muggles alike will love lathering up with this soap imbued with a sweet, fruity perfume. Enzyme-rich pomegranate will leave your skin bewitchingly bright after you wash, and the detoxifying charcoal in the soap’s black outer layer will get you squeaky clean.’


Water (Aqua) , Glycerine , Rapeseed Oil; Coconut Oil (Brassica napus; Cocos nucifera) , Sorbitol , Fragrance ,Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera) , Orange Oil (Citrus Sinensis) , Tangerine Oil (Citrus reticulata) ,Pomegranate Molasses (Punica Granatum) , Charcoal ,Sodium Chloride , Titanium Dioxide , Citric Acid , Sodium Bicarbonate , EDTA , Tetrasodium Editronate , Sodium Hydroxide , Mica , Iron Oxide 



Lush description Facebook Sept 2016

‘A citrusy chaos of brightening, Sicilian mandarin and orange flower absolute is being pressed into furiously-fizzy Satsuma bath bombs A-peeling aromas await…’

These Orange bath bombs are only going to be available in a couple of gift sets in stores in Uk and North America, Australia, Germany, etc. However, the online mail order website called lush.co.uk/kitchen sold them for one day only.  When i get mine i’ll add more photos and i’ll do a demo video and add it here as well. 


Lush description: Peel off your clothes and pile into a terrifically tangy bath with a generous squeeze of fresh satsuma juice. Mandarin oil, sourced from the sun-dappled groves of Sicily, rejuvenates your mind and shakes the spirits from any mid-Christmas lethargy. There’s no need to get hung up waiting for your Christmas stocking when you can find the same citrus refreshment in handy, fizzing form right here.


Here’s a demo and review i made of this bath bomb

List of ingredients


4 out of 5 rating

See my demo video below

This is a cute re-usable bubble bar wand in the scent of Lush popular Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance. It’s a cute green dinosaur wearing a red santa hat. I couldn’t believe how many bubbles this made with barely leaving the water run on it for only a minute!
I can see how this would be economical because one could get two or three bubble baths out of it.

Lush says “Roaring fires signal the beginning of Christmas. Chilly toes wait eagerly for them. Blankets view them with a little jealous trepidation. They mean hot chocolate by the mugful, spicy punch by the tankard, games of charades, onesies, tinsel-covered trees, repeats on tv, mince pies and dinosaurs. And roaring fires aren’t just found in the fireplace; they’re found when you hold this Santasaurus under a raging tap and watch the bubbles of joyous Brazilian orange and fun, fruity bergamot oil fly out.”file-oct-13-1-39-46-pm

List of ingredients

Here’s a six minute demo video i made of this cute little guy in the bath tub.


Never Mind the Ballistics

5 out of 5 rating

See my demo video of this below

Never Mind the Ballistics

Not to be confused with another bath bomb that is exclusive to the Lush creative showcase event, which looks similar but it’s different and it’s called “Over and Over.  Never Mind the Ballistics has a colored cocoa butter mixture that is sprayed on both sides of the bomb.  The Lime, Orange, and Frankincense.  Frankincense is one of my favorite scents.

Lush2016 description: ‘These aren’t ingredients for anybody else except for yourself. Lime and sweet wild orange oils are fresh and peachy on the nose, exciting the senses and shaking up your mood. There’s no time for apathy in the bath, so this anarchic bath bomb fizzes and rolls and spews colour with no holds barred energy. Fair Trade cocoa butter melts alongside fresh bananas to soften both the water and your skin. God save the clean; this deserves a replay.’


I absolutley love this bath bomb.  I love the frankincense, i love passion fruit-like scent of the fruity notes. I love the creaminess of the banana, i love the color.  It’s more moisturizing.


List of ingredients

Here’s my demo of this in the tub

These three Lush products below all have the same scent including Lush ‘Fun For All the Family’ Fathers Day 2018 bubble spinner and ‘Tunnel of Love’ Valentine’s 2017 soap.