See my 2 minute demo and review video of my Lush Magnificent bath oil below.

Feel propelled by uplifting grapefruit and tangerine, as you luxuriate in waters infused with a coalescence of intensely moisturising shea butter, jojoba oil and restorative litsea cubeba oil. You don’t need a bath to tell you how magnificent you are, but it helps.

Tangerine, Grapefruit and Litsea cubeba.

Tree D

4 out of 5 rating. Made with the Ectoplasm bath bomb fragrance of tangeeine, grapefruit and litsea cubeba.. see my tub demo below.

I love that this is a 3D bath melt of a tree. Thus the name ‘Tree D’. We can use one piece or both pieces for one bath.

I’m full on addicted to this citrussy scent.

The Magic of Christmas FUN bar

$6.95 see my demo video below 😄
The grounding, mystical fragrance of
juniperberry, fennel and tangerine oils will also
make for luxurious and meditative bathtimes.
For some, magic is best taken seriously.
(I can tell this probably has the Jingle Spells fragrance from what the ingredients are!)


4.5 out of 5 rating

See my demo video below




Sharp and zesty tangerine oil bubbles say the soak’s on you! This jingly jangly, sweet as candy, reusable bar is packed with enough Sicilian mandarin to have you turning cartwheels round the room and bouncing off the walls. Sugar coat your soaks more than once, by swishing around the bath or dancing under the running water, for peaks of colourful foam and bubbles galore.Here’s a demo video i made in the tub of this bubble bar



5 out of 5 rating

I LOVE the tangerine scent of this bubble bar.  Having the scent similar to Lush ‘Sun’ perfume, Sun bath oil, and ‘Wonder Woo Hoo‘ bubble bar.

I’ve made a video review and demo of this below 🙂


Here’s a demo review video i made of Tweet bubble bar.

Sunrise soap

5 out of 5 rating See my demo video below.

This lovely sunset colored soap has the same lovely fruity scent as the “Brightside” bubble bar

It’s more moisturizing than other Lush soaps. As I demonstrate in the Vid there’s a creamy Cocoa butter and murmuru butter core under the harder outter shell of this dome shaped soap. 

Here’s a close up I took of the inside of my Sunrise soap. 

Lush description: You don’t have to be an early-riser to enjoy the heartwarming beauty of a sunrise. Simply lather up with this bright and zesty soap, and wash in layers of toning tangerine and mandarin. And, like a ray of sunshine, a soft murumuro core will gently caress skin with softness. 
Here’s a video demonstration i did of this soap

Rapeseed Oil and Coconut Oil

Marigold petal infusion

Organic Silken Tofu



Murumuru Butter

Coconut Blossom Nectar


Sicilian Mandarin Oil

Tangerine Oil

Bergamot Oil

Fresh Dove Orchid

Starflower Oil