Giant Rose Bombshell

5 out of 5 rating. see my 5 minute tub demo video below

it fizzed quicker than other xxl lush bath bombs. no glitter. loads of yellow rose petals. the water was opaque. very moisturizing.

Rose Jam is a sweet (but not TOO sweet) rose floral scent which is quite strong. It’s very popular with Lushies. It’s a rose scent that people say is not a rose scent like your Grandma would wear.

I took a picture of it in my hand to give perspective for how big this is. 😊

This was made with the Lush ‘Rose Jam’ scent.

In different parts of the world they do have a product called rose jam, and Lush’s Simon and Jack Constantine made mention of this when they made the rose jam scent.

This Giant Rose Bombshell fizzed and rolled around my tub for a LonG time. It was amazing.

People could either bash it into multiple regular bath bomb sized pieces and use each smaller piece per bath, or people could use the whole thing.

Some Lush trivia: Lush initially made the Rose Bombshell in a totally different look. This design was sold for short time in stores before the new design came out. I was mad when i first saw the new pink ones, until i used it. I liked the red rose petals of the original white design, instead of the yellow rose petals inside of this pink bomb.

Here’s my video below that i made for you, i tried to show how long it fizzed before it dissolved but it was nearing 15 minutes and i wanted to take a bath and not hold my camera anymore. 😄

Rose Jam scent familyproducts. I took a picture of them above and below

Jason and the Argan Oil solid shampoo

Madame Butterfly

Pearl massage bar

Rose Bombshell (redesigned in 2016)

Rose Bombshell XXL

Rose Jam bubbleroon

Rose Jam shower gel

Rose Jam perfume liquid

Rose Jam perfume solid

Rose jam body spray

Rose Jam naked shower gel (not shown)

Rose Jam shower jelly

Scentenary soap

Ro’s Argan body conditioner

Ro’s Argan naked body conditioner

Ro’s Argan gourmet soap (from oxford street)

Sparkler bath bomb

Lush Christmas 2017

see below for my Lush 2017 Christmas Haul video.  And also my reviews and demos for the Christmas products via the list with links to my demos below.

Here’s my Lush Christmas 2017 Haul Video

😀♥ Lush has debut the holiday products at this year’s ‘Creative Showcase 2017‘ event, on Sept 3-4.

This years’ creative showcase revealed Lush limited edition Naked, or containerless solid products.  With literally no packaging nor waste, Lush has developed shower  gels, lotions, facial oils, etc which are made entirely out of solid product.  Lush has introduced some Christmas product changes, in the form of having the usual favorites coming in two versions; naked and regular bottled.

Lush has some old Christmas favorites returning, and some new Christmas goodies. There are five (naked & regular) body conditioners this year: Buck’s Fizz with the Celebrate scent, Snow Fairy, Ro’s Argan, Christingle and Rub Rub Rub.


Shower gels this Christmas include; Berry Berry, a new blueberry shower gel with a lovely blue color and blue sparkle! There is also Santa’s Christmas shower gel, which is spicy with black pepper, and cinnamon, and also having orange oil. The returning favorites shower gels are rose jam, bubbly, snow fairy, and twilight.
Lush has the following bath bombs for the Holidays this year at the showcase event and at Lush Oxford Street; Christmas Sweater, Ectoplasm, Pumpkin, Lord of Misrule, Golden Wonder XXL, Lord of Misrule, Nevermind the Ballistics , Pumpkin, Sherbet Dip, Shoot for the Stars, Snow Fairy jelly bomb, and Thundersnow.


And the following are the gorgeous bubble bars Lush have created this holiday season! Bewitched (the black cat) with a blackberry bomb scent, Christmas Eve with an updated design, Cracker, Man in the Moon made in with the ‘Man in the Mushroom’ Oxford Street fresh face mask scent, My Two Front teeth, Pink Pumpkin which is a pink version of the Halloween favorite ‘sparkly pumpkin’ madevwith pink glitter and the’Lust’ fragrance!  There is also a lovely purple Plum Snow bomb with the plum rain scent. Lush also has a Snowman bubbleroon which seems to be a Lush staff favorite, and also the returning ‘Sparkly Pumpkin’.

New Holiday Lush soaps include; New Holiday Lush soaps include; Hedgewitch, Saucey  Snowcake, Citrus  Christmas,and Hidden Mountain. Returning soaps: baked Alaska.

Two returning hower jellies; Snowman and Santa’s Belly.

What are you guys hoping to see return this year?

Lush Halloween 2017 is here.

These and other products debuted today at the Lush 2017 Creative Showcase. I’ll be able to show (soon) which of these below are exclusive to which locations; NA, UK, Lush Kitchen, Oxford Street, etc. 

Baked Alaska

Berry Berry Christmas Naked and regular Shower Gel

Black Rose (NA & UK)


Bubbly naked shower gel

Bucks Fizz body conditioner

Buck’s Fizz naked body conditioner

Butterball Washcard

Butterbear bath bomb

Candy Cane Rhoulade

Candy Mountain

Christingle body conditioner

Christmas Cracker (bubble bar)

Christmas Rocker soap

Christmas Sweater bath bomb

Citrus Christmas

Golden Pear gourmet soap

Golden Wonder bath bomb

Golden Wonder XXL bath bomb

Hedgewitch gourmet soap

Hidden Mountain gourmet soap

Lord of Misrule bath bomb (NA & UK)

Lord of Misrule shower gel (NA & UK)

Luxury Lush Pud

Magic of Christmas bubble bar

Magic Wand

Man in the Moon bubble bar

My Two Front Teeth

Nevermind the Ballistics 

Once Upon A Time body lotion

Pink Pumpkin 

Plum Snow – plum rain scented bubble bar

Rose Jam shower gel

Salt and Peppermint body scrub

Santa Baby naked lip tint

Santa’s Belly jelly

Santa’s Christmas shower gel

Santa’s Christmas Naked Shower Gel

Saucy Snowcake soap

Shades of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh

Sherbet Dip bath bomb

Shoot for the Stars

Shooting Stars

Snow Cloud soap

Snow Fairy cold pressed soap

Snow Fairy body conditioner

Snow Fairy naked body conditioner

Snow Fairy jelly bomb

Snow Fairy regular & naked shower gel

Snow Fairy Sparkle jar

Snow Man jelly

Sparkle jars

Star Light Star Bright

Sugar Plum Fairy solid lip color

The Olive Branch naked, solid shower gel

The Snowman bubbleroon

Tree D


Twilight Naked shower gel

Twilight sparkle jar

Wash Clouds

Dreamscape Gift

Snowflakes Gift

Rossy Christmas Gift

Evergreen Gift

On Christmas Tree Gift

Starry Night Gift

Season Greetings Gift

The mailorder website the Lush Kitchen will also be making Lush Christmas exclusives and Lush retro Christmas products for Uk or U.S. people to order and buy via their website. I’ll list those products here too, and those will be marked separately.

These shower gels will be returning , in addition to the New shower gels ‘Santa’s Christmas’ and “Berry Berry Christmas’.

Here are some photos I’ve taken of Lush Christmas products coming this year.


Lush Valentines 2018

Lush North America will offer these on line on Thursday January 17

The products on the list below are going to be released in the Uk and Europe for Valentine’s Day 2018. The highlighted product names have pages, photos, and my demo video of the product in my tub associated with them. I’ll add more info, pics, vids, etc here over the next week or so. In the meantime here’s a link to last year’s Lush Valentine’s page to look at. There will be five or six products from Valentine’s 2017 that are returning for 2018.

Giant Rose Bombshell: how extra are you? Extra enough to want an XXL bath bomb filled with Rose petals? We thought so. SP, Vegan

Rose BombShell: soak amidst cascades of real rose petals, mineral rich sea salt and a sophisticated lemon rose perfume. SP, Vegan

Heart Of Enlightened Expectations: set loving intentions as you soak in a bouquet of floral oil‘s in absolutes and blissful, buttery bubbles. SP, Vegan

Whole Lotta Love Bubbleroon: show your skin a whole Lotta love with silky cocoa butter waters and romantic Jasmine-Rose bubbles. SP, Vegan

Unicorn Horn Bubblebar: sink into pastel waters topped with frothy bubbles, scented with a dreamy lavender Neroli perfume. SP, Vegan

Love Boat Bath Bomb: come aboard for a rose and orange adventure that promises something for everyone. SP, Vegan

Titsy Totsy Bath Bomb: concoct a love potion in your bath with rose absolute, precious Orris route and romantic rosebuds. SP, Vegan

Tender is the Night Naked Shower Cream: A sweet, floral blend of Jasmine ylang ylang and vanilla with Murumuru butter for soft kissable skin. SP, Vegan

Tunnel Of Love Soap: let love take you for a ride perfumed with rosewater, sweet wild orange oil and lime oil. SP, Vegan

Kiss Me Quick Wash Card: get in a sweet and spicy lather with warm clove bud oil and comforting Tonka absolute. SP, Vegan Here’s a demo of last years Kids Me Quick wash card

Melt My Heart Massage Bar: melt even the frostiest hearts with this floral stunner of orange flower and violet leaf. SP, Vegan

Cherryish Body Scrub:get touchably soft with vegan white chocolate, dried cherries and Rich murumuru butter. *SP, Vegan

The Kiss Lip Scrub: Buff away dryness with this fruity scrub, then get ready to pucker up with the softest lips. SP, Vegan

The Kiss Lip Gloss: sweep on this coconut oil and Shea butter gloss for a sheer pink lip and a subtle Mandarin almond flavor. SP, Vegan

Here’s a video I recorded of my Lush Uk Valentine’s Day 2018 Haul!

Here are some photos I’ve taken of these lovely Lush products.

Heart of Enlightened Expectation

geranium, jasmine, rose 4 out of 5 rating. See my Tub Demo Video below

This bubble bar was made only for one Valentine’s Day years ago. It’s made in the same scent as the Lush ‘Two Hearts Beating As One’ scent. It’s very floral with Jasmine.

This sounds like it may or may not be a scent twin for Two Hearts Beating as One. I’m going to ask Lush to see if I’m right.

here’s my tub demo and my review

bubble bar

The Lush UK Kitchen Subscription Box remade these to inlude in our subscription box for February 2022.

Melt My Heart

This was a limited edition Massage bar from Valentine’s years ago. 3 out of 5 rating. See below for my demo video of this.

This was made in the Lush ‘Jungle’hair conditioner scent. So it has Shea Butter, Fresh Avocado Extract, Fresh Bananas, Fresh Passion Fruit, Fresh Kumquat, Ylang Ylang Oil, Vetivert Oil, Cypress Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Chlorophyll.

Here’s a video demo i made for you showing it close up.


Scrub 5 out of 5 rating. See my sink demo and detailed review video below

This is SO yummy smelling.  Also it works well.

Its for use in the shower on any part of your body that needs some exfoliation. Then you just rinse off.

It isn’t scratchy like the old Lush sugar scrubs, this one uses ground almonds as i recall, but they’re softly ground and moisturizing. It’s not TOO moisturizing either.

It smells like cherry candy.  It’s a sweet cherry scent.  Lush made the Christmas 2021 shower gel “Merry Christmas’ in the cherish scent.  It makes me skin smooth and soft without being greasy.

When Lush discontinued this shortly after introducing it, many people did not understand that decision.

cherry, chocolate

I would buy a small stash of these.

Here’s my video of how to use it.