Love Boat

5 out of 5 rating. See my demo video below.

All aboard – we’ve been expecting you! The love boat promises something for everyone with the tangy sherbet scent of orange and Sicilian lemon.

How to use: 
Release waves of vibrant colour into your bath and swathes of red hearts. Drop in your bath and enjoy!

How to store: 
Keep in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to climb aboard.

This was made in the scent of Lush ‘Rose Lollipop’ lip balm-made with Rose, lemon and orange.

List of ingredients

This smells SO good. Just like sweet tarts candy to me.

This has such a wonderfully fruity scent. Its slightly sweet. Its nice and strong. This makes besutiful bath art.

The blue and pink combine to make a purple water with shimmer.

There is beautiful sparkle.

Here’s a tub demo of my new Love Boat bath bomb.

Omg! I’m in love!

2021 TubbDemo

2019 Tub Demo

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