Lush Naked packaging, New naked skincare products?

2019 Skincare

Here is a video i made for you Demoing and Reviewing two cleansers and a facial oil.

2018 mouthwash Tabs!

I received these from Lush Uk management when i attended.

Here’s my video showing and describing each of these naked Lush products that were given to me by Lush Uk.

an audio interview of the co creator of Lush describing the idea for the naked Lush products

Lush are making shower gels that they currently sell in stores such as ‘olive branch’ in a new solid form which does away with any  packaging.The shower gels are totally solid. The shower gels have no ‘liquid’ in them. The entire bottle IS the product.

Here’s  my video demonstrating how to use

American Cream hair conditioner

Dirty Spring wash

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy Hippy

It’s Raining Men


The Olive Branch


Almost like a bottle-shaped massage bar, except that it has a gel consistency when activated with water and applied.
The bottles are made from seaweed, like the new jelly bombs have, and the solid stuff reacts with water to make a gel like consistency

The application part is what I’m somewhat confused about. A lovely Lush employee said she would show me how to use it tomorrow.

The following photos are courtesy of the lovely @squisieplushie on Instagram.

I understand the wash cards that I got from the Lush Summit 2017 are part of the Lush Naked campaign. There are more kinds of wash cards than the three I have below. I have a demo video I recorded of how to use these. I’ll add that here tonight.

In the photo below are three new solid soaps. The green bottle on the left is ‘Oregano’, the tan one is ‘Oat’, and the black one on the right is ‘Karanja’.

Some are essential oils, which you can use on skin, and in oil burners. One is possibly a makeup primer.

These are photos i took of my new Lush wash cards. I have a video demo that I recorded of how to use. I’ll add that here later today.

These below are facial oils.

The green one is ‘Amazon’ primer, the light blue one is ‘Argan’ facial oil,

I asked about  melting,as I live on the Sun and was concerned. I was told by Lush that the bottles won’t melt,tothey’re madeput of a Soap kind of mix, but.. The body conditioners are the ones that are indeed a melt risk. Two below are Rub Rub Rub and Ro’s Argan. I understand that Lush is disco to using the rub Rub Rub solid square body scrub bar.

The Ro’s Argan is being sold to us customers tomorrow at

These below are aromatherapy oils.

The red one is called ‘open your third eye’, the green one is ‘Pride’, and the yellow one us called ‘Anger Management’ and is a citrus blend. The pink and white on the lower left is ‘Geranium’ from Kenya, the white on in lower middle is called ‘Ylang Ylang’ from Ghana, the purple and white on lower right is ‘French Lavender’ from France.

Photo credit for the photos starting below goes to @lushlover__ on Instagram! ❤️



A soap in the shape of an Academy award Made in the Honey I Washed the Kids.  

This was only made for a Lush staff party. As more of a decoration. 

Picture courtesy of @katiermeades on Instagram. 

Lush Creative Showcase 2017

Held on Sept 4 at 1 Old Billingsgate Walk in London.

Typically, Products shown at the Creative Showcase usually go on sale on the website a few weeks after the showcase.

I’ll be adding to this everyday and night for the next few days and weeks. 💜 If you see something incorrect, feel free to let me know, I would certainly appreciate it 🙂

This years’ creative showcase revealed Lush’ new Naked, solid products.  With literally no packaging nor waste, as the entire thing is product.  So Lush has introduced some Christmas product changes, the usual favorites coming in two versions; naked and bottled.

The Creative Showcase revealed some old Christmas favorites returning, and some new Christmas products. There are four (naked & regular) body conditioners: Buck’s Fizz with the Celebrate scent, Snow Fairy, Ro’s Argan, and Rub Rub Rub.

Shower gels this Christmas include; Berry Berry Christmas, a new blueberry shower gel with a lovely blue color and blue sparkle! There are also Santa’s Christmas shower gel, which is spicy with black pepper, and cinnamon, and also having orange oil. The returning favorites shower gels are rose jam, bubbly, snow fairy, and twilight.

Lush has the following bath bombs for the Holidays this year at the showcase event and at Lush Oxford Street; Christmas Sweater, Ectoplasm, Golden Wonder XXL, Lord of Misrule, Nevermind the Ballistics , Pumpkin, Sherbet Dip, Shoot for the Stars, Snow Fairy jelly bomb, Thundersnow.

And the following are the gorgeous bubble bars Lush have created this holiday season! Bewitched (the black cat) blackberry bomb, Christmas Eve, Cracker, Man in the Moon with the ‘man in the mushroom’ fresh face mask scent. There are also the bubble bars My Two Front teeth, Pink Pumpkin with the Lush scent, Plum Snow plum rain, Snowman bubbleroon which seems to be a Lush staff favorite, and the favorite Sparkly Pumpkin.  

New Holiday Lush soaps include; Hedgewitch, Saucey  Snowcake, Christmas Rocker, Snowcloud, Citrus  Christmas,and Hidden Mountain. Returning soaps: baked Alaska. 
2017 Holiday Products (NA, UK, Lush Kitchen, Oxford Street & Creative Showcase)

Amelie Mae Fun bar

American Cream naked solid conditioner

Baked Alaska

Bannonas naked solid facial oil

Black Rose (NA & UK)

Berry Berry Christmas shower gel

Berry Berry naked solid shower gel

Bewitched gift set

Bubbly shower gel naked and liquid

Buck’s Fizz body conditioner pot

Buck’s Fizz naked solid body conditioner

Butterball Washcard

Candy Cane Rhoulade

Candy Mountain

Christingle body conditioner naked and regular bottle. 

Christmas Cracker bubble bar

Christmas Eve

Christmas Rocker

Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb

Citrus Christmas

Full of Grace naked facial oil bar

French Lavender naked essential oil

Golden Pear gourmet soap

Golden Wonder

Golden Wonder XXL

Gorilla IV perfumes 

Happy Happy Joy Joy naked conditioner uk


Hidden Mountain gourmet soap

It’s Raining Men naked solid shower gel uk

Lord of Misrule bath bomb (NA & UK)

Lord of Misrule shower gel (NA & UK)

Luxury Lush Pud

Magic Of Christmas Bubble Bar

Magic Wand

Man in the Moon bubble bar (Calacas scent)

My Two Front Teeth

Never Mind the Ballistics

Oat naked lotion

Once Upon A Time body lotion

One Eskimo

Open Up Your Third Eye naked essential oil

Oregano naked lotion

Perfume solids 

Pink Pumpkin bubble bar

Plum Rain naked solid

Plum Snow

Retread naked conditioner

Ro’s Argan naked solid body conditioner

Rose Jam shower gel

Rub Rub Rub naked solid body conditioner

Santa’s Belly jelly 

Santa’s Christmas shower gel naked and liquid

Saucy Snowcake

Shades of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh 

Sherbet Dip bath bomb

Shoot for the Stars

Shooting Stars

Sky 79 – naked solid facial oil

Snow Cloud soap

Snow Fairy cold pressed soap

Snow Fairy body conditioner

Snow Fairy Naked Body Conditioner

Snow Fairy jelly bomB

Snow Fairy regular & naked shower gel

Snow Fairy Sparkle jar

Snow Man jelly

Star Light Star Bright

Stoner Rock naked solid  deo

Sugar Plum Fairy Naked lip tint

The Olive Branch naked solid shower gel


Tree D

Twilight Sparkle Jar

Twilight naked and regular shower gel

Two Front Teeth (see (‘My Two Front Teeth‘)

Veganese naked solid

Wash Clouds

Lush porn

🙂 I thought I’d mess around with some of my @lush body lotions. Some are empty and cleaned out. They’re all Lush body lotions that I’ve bought new throughout the years. I love them all…. Except ginger. I just gathered the ones in the black pots for the photo. 

Last Night’s bath 

I needed a grounding/1st chakra, but emerald green, sparkly kind of Lush bath cocktail so I had 1 @lush ‘Metamorphosis’ bath bomb with myrrh and cinnamon, and 1/2 A Lush ‘Holly Go Lightly’ bubble bar also having cinnamon, and a couple squeezes of Lush ‘Black Pearl’ shower gel, which also has Myrrh. #emeraldbutterfly

Last Night’s bath 

I wanted an Apple-y bath, so I gathered four Apple-y Lush products.

So White bath bomb.

So White shower gel (as my soap)

Love Apple bubble bar made in the Lush Kitchen August 2017

Johnny Appleseed bath oil from Lush UK. 

The water was a lovely dark pink color. I added some more shower gel for sparkle. 🙂

Pink Pumkin

A different sparkly pumpkin scent than the orange sparkly pumpkin bubble bar. This pink one has a floral scent made with the Jasmine, Geranium and Bergamot ‘Lush’ perfume fragrance. 

Get pretty in pink and make them all wink with geranium and bergamot oils. Simply crumble under running water for a cloak of uplifting bubbles. There’s no need to leave a shoe behind; a sprinkling of lustre and sultry jasmine absolute will ensure your prince charming treats you to a happy ending.