White Noise

See my tub demo video below.

Lush has collaborated with ASOS to make an exclusive bath bomb.

This bath bomb was included as an exclusive in the June 2021 Lush Kitchen Subscription box.

It’s a frenetic pattern of blue, green, gray and white.

The scent is highly citrussy. Its the same scent as the Lush ‘Kitsume’ bath bomb.

It’s not sweet at all. It kind of reminds me of the Avobath bomb with its lemongrass scent, but this White Noise bomb is even more citrussy than that.

This isn’t one of those slow dissolving, melty bath bombs with multi colored foamy bath art. This is one of those fast fizzing bath bombs.

It’s got lots of nice gray silver glitter that dissolves into the water.

The end color is a gray blue bath water with gray silver glitter.

I enjoyed it. It’s different in action, looks and scent. While it’s not my favorite scent it’s nice.

i’d rate this a 3 or 4 out of 5 rating.


IRL bath bomb

It was an exclusive Uk bomb that Zoella and Jack Constantine made. It was only available on the UK retail website and in the two Lush UK superstores. So i bought six from the UK website at that time. 😊
by the way Lush Uk is making shower gels with whatever scent we want to vote for. I voted for one with the IRL scent. because not only are the colors gorgeous but that scent they created for this bomb is heavenly.

Bug Splat 

5 out of 5

See my in water tub demo video below 🙂

Kind of sweet and incensed.

Sandalwood, black pepper, labdanum

This was made for Lush Anti U.S. Drone war campaign.



Notes: labdanum, sandalwood, galbanum, elemi, black pepper


“We are joining forces with Reprieve once again, in a campaign to raise public awareness about drone strikes” (from Lush UK website).

This is a limited edition bomb that has the fragrance of The Bug perfume and is available on the UK website and probably in some of their stores over there.

“Every penny you spend on the Bugsplat Ballistic, minus the VAT, will be given to Reprieve to help fund their campaign against drone strikes.”
“Unsettling and disjointed,   hits of galbanum, Sandalwood, an earthy base with a fresh green note of elemi punctuated with whispers of bitterness to keep you looking over your shoulder.”

Here’s a video i made of the Bug Splat bath bomb in the tub.  I LOVE those colors together.

Dirty Deal

See video soon

12.50 gpb / $19.00

weight 400g

For a limited time only on lush.co.uk

TTIP that Dirty Deal down the plughole with a people power shower made of rose and bergamot oils, housed in a box designed by Vivienne Westwood and her Climate Revolution. All profits from the sales of this flowery showder will go towards European grassroots groups fighting TTIP (The Transatlantic Trade And Investment Partnership), a series of secret trade negotiations which threaten our democratic rights. Pour a little of this silky kaolin and coconut oil showder into your hands and lather up in the shower for a frothy, fizzing cleanse and very vibrant surprise. Showders, and trade deals, are not always what they might first seem…

Join the fight against corporate greed by signing War On Want’s petition here.

Here’s a short 5 minute video of how to use it

I enjoyed washing with this. When combined with water and damp skin, the scent is a pretty and bright rose floral. turns from pink into a light purple kaolin and coconut oil. I know some of you are afraid of using things that might stain, but as you can see in the video, it rinses off clean, no color on my skin and none on my white sink.

See other new lush “Showders” here

Lush Dirty Deal Showder box was designed by Vivienne Westwood and her Climate Revolution.



Gay is OK (a gold Lush “Love” scented soap)

5 out of 5 rating


We are selling a soap and giving the profit away – we’ve made enough Love Soap to raise £250,000, if all the bars are sold! The money will be put into a fund to help LGBT organizations fighting for rights, equality and acceptance around the world. We want to attract applications from groups working in areas where anti-LGBT laws are harsh and extreme and where funding is in short supply.

Gay_is_ok_webThe Lush Kitchen will be making this soap once again Jan 24 2017.

The fragrance is a fruity floral scent. It has a sweet scent, initially smelling a bit like cinnamon and lemon. However there’s an apple-y note here as well. This fruity combo is combined with the heady florals of Rose and Jasmine. It’s very fragrant.
This is what the original 2005 Lush/B Never Love soap looked like.

Here is the Christmas 2007 version

Skydancer bath bomb

See my video below of Skydancer in the tub,

Profits from each and every one of these soft floral and liquorice-scented bath bombs will help fund equipment to satellite tag many endangered hen harrier chicks born in the coming years.

With bergamot, Sicilian lemon and cinnamon leaf oils, this bath bomb will take you under its wing and fight wildlife crime in one clean sweep.

List of ingredients


Here’s a video i made of the “Skydancer’ bath bomb in the tub

Lush Australia


April 15, 2015

Save the Great Barrier Reef!

This was a very limited edition for one week on the Lush Australia site, and to attendeed of their press launch.

And Lush has introduced it as a regular product in their new Lush Oxford Street superstore in London.
I bought one from the Australian site and it is made from real sand, sea salt, and a fragrance that smells like melon to me. It makes my legs soft and.



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