Giant Rose Bombshell

5 out of 5 rating. see my 5 minute tub demo video below

it fizzed quicker than other xxl lush bath bombs. no glitter. loads of yellow rose petals. the water was opaque. very moisturizing.

Rose Jam is a sweet (but not TOO sweet) rose floral scent which is quite strong. It’s very popular with Lushies. It’s a rose scent that people say is not a rose scent like your Grandma would wear.

I took a picture of it in my hand to give perspective for how big this is. 😊

This was made with the Lush ‘Rose Jam’ scent.

In different parts of the world they do have a product called rose jam, and Lush’s Simon and Jack Constantine made mention of this when they made the rose jam scent.

This Giant Rose Bombshell fizzed and rolled around my tub for a LonG time. It was amazing.

People could either bash it into multiple regular bath bomb sized pieces and use each smaller piece per bath, or people could use the whole thing.

Some Lush trivia: Lush initially made the Rose Bombshell in a totally different look. This design was sold for short time in stores before the new design came out. I was mad when i first saw the new pink ones, until i used it. I liked the red rose petals of the original white design, instead of the yellow rose petals inside of this pink bomb.

Here’s my video below that i made for you, i tried to show how long it fizzed before it dissolved but it was nearing 15 minutes and i wanted to take a bath and not hold my camera anymore. 😄

Rose Jam scent familyproducts. I took a picture of them above and below

Jason and the Argan Oil solid shampoo

Madame Butterfly

Pearl massage bar

Rose Bombshell (redesigned in 2016)

Rose Bombshell XXL

Rose Jam bubbleroon

Rose Jam shower gel

Rose Jam perfume liquid

Rose Jam perfume solid

Rose jam body spray

Rose Jam naked shower gel (not shown)

Rose Jam shower jelly

Scentenary soap

Ro’s Argan body conditioner

Ro’s Argan naked body conditioner

Ro’s Argan gourmet soap (from oxford street)

Sparkler bath bomb

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