Candy Cane

See my 5 minute demo and review video of this below ūüôā


This has a lightly minty scent, and it does have¬†real mint in it. ¬†There are also a couple of other notes alongside the mint, such as, Cypress, which always reminds me of being amongst¬†the high mountain trees. ¬†Someone described Lush ‘Candy Cane’ smoothie rhoulade¬†as having a scent that Men would like too, and i would agree. ¬†‘Candy Cane’ does not have a strong scent of mint like Lush minty “Christingle’ body conditioner. There’s a slight sweetness to this rhoulade, but it’s not very sweet. ¬†It’s more refreshing than sweet to my nose.

It doesn’t strip my already dry skin¬†of it’s¬†moisture when i wash with it.

I would give this a 4 out of 5 stars.



Here’s my 5 minute demo and review of the Lush Candy Cane smoothie rhoulade.

Lush Kitchen Menu October 31-November 4

Smuggler’s Soul facial scrub – ¬£8.95
Granny Takes A Dip bath bomb Р£3.50
Lovely Jubblies breast cream Р£16.95
Sonic Death Monkey shower gel Р£11.95
Dream On bath bomb Р£3.25
Vanilla Puff dusting powder Р£6.25
Flying Fox shower gel Р£10.75
Assassin shower gel Р£11.25

Here’s a video I made where i describe and review the products that the lush Kitchen will make October 31- November 4

Lush Pumpkins 

These are just the orange colored lush Pumpkin products. (There are two other Lush Pumpkins that are not orange but that’s another photo for another day ūüėä)

All are Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics products past and present, but all made in 2016 because the remade the retro ones in October 2016. 

None of these share scents. They’re all different. 

‘Jack O’ bath bomb (smells like pumpkin spice)

‘Pumpkin’ bath bomb (smells like lime sherbet)

‘Pumpkin’ soap (my fave, smells like pumpkin and cinnamon, has real pumpkin in it)

‘Pumpkin’ bubble bar (clove, orange, pumpkin, cinnamon) my 2nd fave. 

‘Sparkly Pumpkin’ bubble bar (smells like fruit punch, shares it’s scent with Lush ‘Mr Punch’ soap).

Lush Kitchen Menu 0ctober 24-28

Rose Jam shower jelly £7.95
Karma bubble bar £3.50
Black Pearl shower gel £11.25
Northern Lights soap £4.25
Phoenix Rising bath bomb £4.50
B Electro shower gel £11
Sparkler bath bomb £3.95

Here’s a video describing next week’s lush kitchen products being offered each day october 24-28.