Assassin perfume

It’s scent is along the same lines as Guardian of the Forest bath bomb, and ‘Green Day’ bubble bar, to me.

Here’s a video where i describe the Assassin perfume’s scent

4 thoughts on “Assassin perfume

  1. 7thanks for the information needed this one i could not find anything on it when I posted my kitchen menu youtube video today 💖

  2. As always thanks for the info and loved the video but I have a video request or maybe just a blog post but I can’t seem to find much info on the famed “Boxing Day” sale. I know it is a thing and that the holiday items are bogo or maybe some are 50% off. But I have also heard its very hard to get stuff because the website crashes or it sells out quick. is it like the kitchen where you have to up at like 1 or 2am or does NA site just go at midnight?

    • Hi Amanda, yes on all things. UK does bogo and we have to get up at 2am. And it’s WAY hard to get anything. It’s even harder than getting something from the kitchen. And North America lush does 50% off Sale starting early in the morning. Whatever time Canada starts their day.

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