Lush Kitchen Menu October 31-November 4

Smuggler’s Soul facial scrub – £8.95
Granny Takes A Dip bath bomb – £3.50
Lovely Jubblies breast cream – £16.95
Sonic Death Monkey shower gel – £11.95
Dream On bath bomb – £3.25
Vanilla Puff dusting powder – £6.25
Flying Fox shower gel – £10.75
Assassin shower gel – £11.25

Here’s a video I made where i describe and review the products that the lush Kitchen will make October 31- November 4

6 thoughts on “Lush Kitchen Menu October 31-November 4

  1. Is Assassin at all comparable to Green Day Bubble Bar? I adore Green Day but find Tramp atrocious and want an idea of which way the fragrance leans.

  2. Love your blog and love your videos. Thanks for all the info. As a new Lushie I find myself wanting to try everything. I love the earthy frangrances so hopefully assassin makes me happy.

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