Lush Cobweb Bath Bomb (Exclusively Online) Tantalizing black sugar bath bomb made with our ever popular black pearl scent to calm you down after a night of frights. This mighty bomb is a major stress reliever (as long as you’re not scared of spiders).


This awesome looking bath bomb has the great “Black Pearl’ scent.  It’s a “Black Pearl’ bath bomb, but in a cool cobweb shape.  And it has silver glitter.  The grey water looks kindof like the bath water after one uses “The Experimenter’ bath bomb, but not as dark.




Ingredients:  Black Sugar, Lavender absolute, Chamomile oil, Olibanum oil, Myrrh resinoid, Silver Lustre sparkle.

This is not a citrus nor candy scent.  It’s kind of like mixing Jingle Spells ballistic with Waving Not Drowning ballistic with a slight dusting of black currant thrown in.

Lush also made a Black Pearl ballistic (which came first),  and then next was a soap called ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. I enjoy the black pearl fragrance.  These two are also in this Wiki.

And Men would like this scent too as it is a unisex fragrance.

 Here’s a couple of photos i took of all the lush products with the same ‘Black Pearl’ scent. 


$4.95  See my video of Cinders below
Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Coarse Sea Salt, Fizzy Candy, Perfume, Gardenia Extract , Almond Oil, Sweet Orange OilCinnamon Leaf Oil ,



Lush Times: Our brand new Cinders Bath Ballistic is the colour of a glowing ember and it crackles like warming wood fire, like the one that Cinderella slept by in the fairy tale. When Mo made this lovely little Ballistic, she added popping candy so it also makes a sound like burning logs. As you lie in the bath listening to your Ballistic fizzing, you’ll be able to hear little crackles too! It was inspired by a bottle of Glug, the Christmas beverage that Mika from Lush in Sweden brought us, so we scented it with cinnamon and orange smell like a warming, yuletime drink. It started life called Glug, but with its colours and sound, Cinders seemed like the perfect name.

Review:  I Love this!  I love the scent.  It’s subtley orange, smokey, spiced with cinnamon.  The pop rocks inside sound like a crackling fireplace.  This was so popular that Lush UKers asked for a Cinders perfume and Lush sold this as a forum member only perfume.



Here’s a video i made of Cinders in the tub

Christmas Party

(2003, 2004, 2005, 2006) (fizzy grapefruity soda.  It’s the original “Champagne Snow Showers”/”Celebrate” scent)









Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, mixed confetti bright stars, perfume, gardenia extract, orange oil, cognac oil, lime oil, red stars, irridescent glitter

 Review: This has become one of Lush’s staple Christmas ballistics . It’s been out almost every Christmas I can remember because it’s so popular. It is a cousin of the ballistic “Bridal Bouquet” which was made to smell like Christmas Party ballistic. Christmas Party smells like an orange fizzy soda to most people. I just don’t like the scent. The ballistic itself is gorgeous. It has different sized foil stars that are pink, purple and orange. It has glittery sparkles of gold and various other colors, and it also has pieces of irridescent paper confetti and a few larger, colorful, paper stars.

Lush Times 2004 description: Our snow white Christmas Party Ballistic is filled with multicoloured stars; it smells like a cocktail of Cointreau and champagne and has a hint of cognac essential oil to help the party go smoothly. Bathe before, after or, if you like it that much, instead of a Christmas party.


“Submerge yourself in glitter and while stars sparkle and twinkle the Fabulous cognac and lime scent fills your senses with its sweet, spicy, heady scent while softening your skin. After stepping out of this bath, you will feel and smell irresistible and the beautiful scent lingers.” Pamela Sirkin.


From the 2003 Yuletide LT:

Our bright white Christmas Party ballistic is filled with multicoloured stars; it smells like buck’s fizz and has a hint of cognac essential oil to help the party go smoothly. Bathe before, after, or instead of a Christmas party.


Christmas Carol


Limited Edition

130 g £2.25 (for 1)

 Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Iridescent Glitter (Polyethylene terephthalate and Acrylates copolymer), Perfume, Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum officinale), Vetivert Oil (Vetiveria zizanoides), Ylang Ylang Oil (Cananga odorata), Colours 18050, Colour 61585.

Lush 2006 Description: Christmas Carol turns the bath water into a fragrant pool of fairy sparkles scented with three of the most sensual essential oils known to man (and woman) especially jasmine – queen of the night. You can even put her on the Christmas tree until you are ready to use her up.

“Very girly scent, very sparkling glitter!” Beate, Aachen, Germany.

 Review: This is a Lush “Fairy Jasmine” ballistic, but in angel form for Christmas. This is a such a pretty stocking stuffer. Turbo Bubble, Alkmaar soap or Silky Underwear are made with the same scent.

Christmas Angel


Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric acid, Cocoa butter, Soya Milk powder, Almond Oil, Laureth 4, Perfume, Spearmint oil, Cocoa powder, Colour 77891, 18050

Review: This is a Haagenbath ballistic, in angel form. It’s wonderful just like Haagenbath is. They make great Christmas stocking stuffers too. I just think they’re cute. I’m a sucker for shaped ballistics. I feel like i get more “bang” for the buck. And the ballistic makes a creamy foamy lather on the surface of the water. Yummy.

Choco Bun


Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Vanilla Absolute (Vanilla planifolia), Mimosa Absolute (Mimosa tenuiflora), Cocoa Absolute (Theobroma cacao), Aloe Vera Extract (Aloe barbadensis), *Coumarin, *Isoeugenol, Perfume * Occurs naturally in Essential Oils

Lush Times Online: An entirely guilt-free chocolate bunny! (Get ten of them while they last.) Drop it (and yourself) into a warm bath and enjoy the fragrant fizzy froth.

Chocolate Santa


Ingredients: 2825 Chocolate Santa £3.25 Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Vanilla Absolute (Vanilla planifolia), Mimosa Absolute (Mimosa tenuiflora), Cocoa Absolute (Theobroma cacao), Aloe Vera Extract (Aloe barbadensis), Propylene Glycol, Hydroxycitronellal, *Coumarin, *Cinnamal

Lush Times Xmas 2008: A Santa we can all believ in. Chocolate. Santa. These are two words to cheer up any average day and make it absolutely wonderful. Of all the many Bath Ballistics Mo has invented over the years, the Chocolate Santa has got to be in the top five at the very least. At Lush when we do chocolate, we use real cocoa absolute made from cocoa beans, not some mere chocolate flavouring. Believe us, this makes all the difference. With his blend of sweet vanilla, delectable mimosa and with a dash of skin soothing aloe vera, Chocolate Santa is this Yuletide’s most luxurious of special treats. make sure you buy enough because everyone is going to want to “borrow” one from you.

Review:  This is such a cute ballistic for Christmas.  The points i’m giving this bath bomb is all for looks.  It doesn’t smell like chocolate to me.  While it has an innocuous scent, it’s not particularly yummy.  It doesn’t color the water.  So i’ll give this 3 *** stars, and all of that is for the look of it because it’s so cute.

Chocolate Meltdown


Review: This is a smaller bomb like Butterball and Waving Not Drowning are. It is minty and chocolatey and nice but it’s not as strong as I would like. It’s a minty green color with little flecks of chocolate throughout. If the mint and the chocolate scents were stronger this would be a really great. It needs to be a regular sized ballistic. But I gave it four stars anyway because it was original. Chocolate mint things that go nice with the Chocolate Meltdown ballistic would be the chocolately minty “After 8:30” massage bar, “Mask of Magnaminty” facial mask, “Freeze” shower gel or “13 Rabbits” bath melt or shower gel.

Ingredients: bicarb, citric acid, dark chocolate, cocoa butter, perfume, spearmint oil, peppermint oil, galbanum oil, shea butter, gardenia extract, colour 61585

Lush Times Summer 1999 description: Invented by the UK managers, this diet-sized bomb is a mint chocolate bath time delight with the fragrance of After 8:30. Little pieces of chocolate bath melt are released from its compact form as it fizzes away, scenting the bathroom with stimulating mint. Good for the skin and great for the figure.

Lush Times Spring 2000 description: GIMME, GIMME, GIMME A CHOCOLATE MELT BOMB (before midnight that is). It’s chocolatey – so chocolatey – but you can have as many as you want and you won’t put on a single calorie. Oozing with dark chocolate, cocoa butter (excellent for softening the skin), spearmint (said to stimulate the mind and relieve fatigue), peppermint (reputed to soften the skin and good for any aches and pains), galbanum (reported to calm and ground you), and shea butter (just for the business of softening skin). And, of course, not only does it work wonders on your mind and body, but it smells just heavenly. So put one in the bath, turn yourself in to an after dinner mint and get a friend to nibble on you.


Scent Family: After 8:30 Massage Bar

Choccy Egg

ChoccyEgg-vi (1)


Ingredients:Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Vanilla Absolute (Vanilla planifolia), Mimosa Absolute (Mimosa tenuiflora), Cocoa Absolute (Theobroma cacao), Aloe Vera Extract (Aloe barbadensis), *Coumarin, *Isoeugenol, Perfume, Dark Chocolate Flakes

Lush Times Online: Melt away your Easter chocolate cravings in a big cup of cocoa scented liquid. (OK, technically it’s a bath.) Drop it (and yourself) into a warm bath and enjoy the fragrant fizzy froth.

Introduced: Spring 2009

Remade by the lush Kitchen March 2015

Ching Ling Soo





200g £1.65

Ingredients: bicarb, citric acid, tangerine oil, perfume, cardamon, crocin, colour 10850

Lush 1999 description: Are you feeling lucky? You will! The tangerine scented Ching Ling Soo will cheer you up. Cardamon oil is used to restore feelings of joy to melancholic people and to encourage them to be more warm and friendly. Of course this didn’t work for the real life Ching Ling Soo, who was performed (sic) his famous Russian Roulette Magic Trick without realising that his wife’s lover had changed the blanks for live ammunition. Ah, such is life! However, on a more cheerful note, our Ching Ling Soo Ballistics each contain a little piece of paper with six numbers written on it. Who knows? If you use them to play the lottery Ching Ling Soo might help it to be YOU!

Chilly Bon Bomb


Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Rosewood Oil (Aniba rosaeodora), Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogan flexuosus), Palmarossa Oil (Cymbopogan martini), Lemon Oil (Citrus limonum), Perfume.

Description: The snowman is back, looking the same but smelling different*. This Christmas the snowman will dissolve in a fizz of invigorating lemongrass, refreshing palmarossa and spicy jacaranda oils; he is ideal for waking up the kids in the morning (as if…) and even better for waking up adults. As the nights get longer and it’s more difficult to get out of bed in the morning, tempt yourself into the bathroom with a Chilly Bon Bom or two. You can also buy the gift set trio; Lush snowmen disguised as Three Wise Men. This saves wrapping them up yourself. (*If you loved the Green Man, you’ll want the Chilly Bon Bom.)

Chelsea Gardens




Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Blue Mallow Flowers (Malva sylvestris), Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum officinale), Ylang Ylang Oil (Cananga odorata), Rose Oil (Rosa centifolia), Lavender Absolute (Lavendula hybrida), D&C Red No. 33.

Review: This is such a beautifully colored ballistic, purples and pinks abound in this ballistic, inside are more purples and rose pink flower petals which are strewn all around you when bathing with this floral lovely. This has a headier winter floral scent of rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, and it also has bright lavender to keep the scent from being too heavy. Lovely pink/purple water color also. You can’t help feeling girlie while bathing with the floral Chelsea Gardens ballistic. It was DCd in 2007. I think it’s a wonderful scent, and the is most definitely one of the most gorgeous color of ballistics I’ve ever seen. One would think this would be a 4 star ballistic for me. No. What gives this ballistic a “3” in my mind, are the ridiculously amount of flowers. Though they were as fresh, purple, and blue and beautiful as anything I’ve ever seen in my life, and even though initially it was akin to an uber Goddess bath, it began to to be too much after a few minutes.  I’ve always loved ballistic with flowers in them that are from the UK, the flowers in their ballistics, any of their ballistics, are so fresh, brightly colored and lovely.  Also, i’m a sucker for flower petals in the bath, but ..we are talking huge, big, giant purple flower heads. Many of them, stuck all over your skin on your arms and legs. Eventually as you shiver in the bathtub standing up trying to get the things off you, you notice the purple dye of the flower petals dripping down your arm like some alien blood fest.  I’m glad i had a bath with a Chelsea Gardens, and i would like it if Lush were to make this again because i would like to use it again.  This is not however a regular use bath bomb though.


Lush Times 2006 description: Chelsea Garden was made to celebrate the Wildlife Trust’s Lush garden at the 2005 Chelsea Flower Show which we’re sponsoring in honor of our 10th birthday. This bomb is calming and lovely, scented with rose, jasmine, lavender and orange blossom and filled with garden flower petals: peony, poppy and blue mallow. Plant a garden in your bath.

Champagne Supernova

£2.50 Shipping Weight: 200gs




Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Orange Oil (Citrus dulcis), Cognac Oil (Vitis vinifera), Lime Oil (Citrus aurantifolia), *Limonene, *Linalool, Paper Confetti, Colour 45410.* Occurs naturally in essential oils.

Description: Celebrate with a champagne cocktail bath: orange & cognac essential oils and a parade of pretty paper. Drop into a warm bath for fizz and fragrance.

Review: This has the immediately familiar, Sparkling grapefruity scent. It’s the same scent as the Christmas favorite “Christmas Party“. I am one of very few, who doesn’t really like the scent. It’s a pretty ballistic, but that’s about it. The ballistic is visually striking and has a techni-color quality. This is one of lush’s “slow dissolving” ballistics, which means it lasts your whole bath, unlike Lush’s regular ballistics which fizz and dissolve in about 10 minutes. This ballistic disperse multi-colored confetti as it dissolves, in every color of the rainbow, and then some. The confetti floats down to the bottom of the tub in look colorful and whispy. The ballistic also has some pink melty stuff in the ballistic itself which as you can see makes a beautiful pink spiral pattern as it melts. Then it started….it started spinning round, and the reason for it’s name became clear to me. It’s trails of foam and the spinning and the colors in the middle from the paper looked like a SuperNova. For those of you who don’t like cleaning bit out of the tub, this ballistic is not for you. It was worth it to me as it was so pretty I had  to try it at least once.


Notes: Champagne Supernova ballistic has the same scent as Lush’s “Christmas Party” ballistic, Lush’s “Champagne Snow Shower” jelly and Lush’s “Bridal Bouquet” ballistic.

Notes: Champagne Supernova’s name was later changed to Supernova.

Heart Throb


Lush has made an absolutely gorgeous bath time treat for this Valentine’s Day 2015.  It’s a solid but squishy bubble bar called “Heart Throb”.  It’s two heart-shaped chunks of gorgeous deep red with beautiful glittery gold cocoa butter sandwiched in between. Lush has said they made it to smell just like their popular “African Paradise” body conditioner, which is available ow in lush shops and online, in the Uk and U.S.

It’s a sweet flora.  It’s got extra skin softening cocoa butter too, more so than other Lush bubble bars.

To see a video i made of the Hearthrob bubbleroon click on this Youtube link

It’s a Date!






Ingredients: £2.85 Shipping Weight: 100gs
sodium bicarbonate, cream of tartar, sodium laureth sulfate, lauryl betaine, date, perfume, cocamide DEA, sandalwood oil, tangerine oil, benzoin resinoid, colour 45410

Review: This was first introduced in 2002 for Valentine’s Day. It was re-made twice thus far in 2004 and 2005 during the Lush UK Retro remake. Lush‘s “It’s a Date!” bubble bar was advertised as having the same scent as Lush‘s “Sugar Plum Fairy” and “Plum Duff” ballistics.
Indeed it does. It was suggested to use the bubble bar as a way of making a date with your sweetie. It has an actual date (the fruit) in the middle. The date doesn’t look too good when it scares you later in the tub as it floats by [-) but just remember that you’ve got a date fruit in your tub. The actual bubble bar is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.
It’s a date is one in my holy trinity of Lush bbs; Flower Tub, Psychodelic and It’s aDate.
It’s smells like a lushious, fruity, pink cotton candy smell mixed with sensous sandalwood. Wow. Bright nuclear pink water and soft, fluffy, huge bubbles. It’s girly, it’s foody, it’s sensual all at teh same time, and this combination so works. This bubble bar certainly does stand alone scent-wise in the tub…but…if you can find a Sugar Plum Fairy or Plum Duff ballistic the two together make the best special occasion Lush “Bath ****” ever.

Spring 2003 LT Description: How bright can you make pink? Picture that and you’ll have the color of It’s a Date clearly appearing in your mind’s eye. On top of the sweet, fruitily scented It’s a Date is a piece of a date, the fruit from the palm tree, not a fraction of calendar. The idea is that if you’re a little too shy to ask someone out, you present your beloved with this, he or she will examine it closely an then point to the brown thing on the top. “What’s that?” he or she will ask. “It’s a Date!” you say. Job done. Then your date gets a lovely pink bubbly bath into the bargain. Clever or what?


Candy Fluff

Yes. This giant heart bath bomb that im holding is actually this big.

Chase was a Lush employee that the ladies and gents all thought he was cute. 😊

Kiss Chase and the other different Lush Heart shaped boxes are my favorite Lush gift set of all time.

Other Heart shaped box gifts are ‘J Te’ aime, and My favorite heart shaped box the ‘Pink Caroline’ and Honey Bunch

They each had different products tucked in the midde where it was hollowed out a bit. Kiss Chase had a Sex Bomb, a heart shaped Rockstar soap and a Melting Marshmallow Moments bath melt.

My favorite was the ‘Pink Caroline’ heart shaped bath bomb box. Ill have to add that to my blog. I STILL have one and its 2022. Yes! Would you like me to take a short vid of it?

Years before these four were sold, Lush made an Icon bath bomb heart, a Flower Market heart bomb, and a Karma heart.

even the Easter giant AvoEgg. These were my favorite Lush gifts.



 My CandyFluff perfume

Lush ‘The Godmother soap

ETA i took off Kim the Carrot because i was wrong. It was Creamy Candy that KTK smells like, not Candy Fluff.

The Lush Calentine’s 2022 ‘Kim the Carrot’ bubble bar is the same scent

Review: Firstly, there is no such regular product as the Lush Candy Fluff bath bomb. Except, in these two Lush holiday gifts; the “Kiss Chase” heart shaped box, and the “Pink Easter Egg” bath bomb. That’s why the pink heart shaped boxes were more popular than the other colors. And that’s why that pink Easter egg was more popular than the other Easter eggs.

Candy Fluff bath bomb smells like Snow Fairy to me, but with a little extra spicy fruity note.

I smell something very fruity at first on the top note , and a bit of buttery goodness in the middle, and then this toasted almond thing as the top note. It’s primarily fruity (really fruity) when dried. This smells wonderful. It’s similar to Creamy Candy but it takes out some of the strong sweet smell and introduces a fruity melony scent. The combination of these scents is so yummy to my nose.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Chamomile Powder (Anthemis nobilis), Marigold Powder), Synthetic Musk, Benzyl Benzoate, Perfume.

Scent Family: The Godmother SoapCandy Fluff Perfume; Melting Marshmellow Moment Bath Melt; Snow Fairy Shower Gel; Candy Fluff Dusting Powder, Fluffy Egg

Cafe Latte



Review: It smells heavenly like real café latte. Once it hits the water however it loses that wonderful scent. Pity. Folks complain about the coffee going on the bottom of the tub and sticking you in the toosh but I’ve never had that happen. I love the yummy smelling “froth” that forms at the top. I need one now…but Lush DCd it in 2002.

 Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Cocamide DEA, Ground Coffee, Dried Soya Milk.

 Lush Times 1999 description: For all the coffee-holics out there, here’s the Lush Caffe Latte, a wake-up bath with a serving of real coffee and a frothy white top. Run your bath, drop in the Caffe Latte and with its delicious, Italian coffee shop aroma, you could almost be wandering through the streets of Florence. To top it off, your bath really will have a fluffy white cap on it, as the frothing Caffe Latte will make its own creamy foam for your bath. What a great way to stat your day and caffeine free too!




A fresh floral rose scent that is beautiful. A smaller ballistic but what beautiful colors, dark pink and light pink, with tiny tifts of blue and purple flower petals poking out. It’s a bit more powdery scented and a tad sweeter than other heavier floral combinations such as “Chelsea Gardens”. This leaves the scent on the skin for a good long time which I love. And Mark said “you smell good”. I can’t believe he said he likes the smell of something Lush without me having to ask him to smell it. That’s a first. I’m trying to what other Lush products this Butterfly ballistic smells like in order to help describe the scent….I would say if you mated an Absolute Delight ballistic, a Softy ballistic, Irresistable Bliss shampoo , and a Chelsea Gardens ballistic; their offspring would smell like Butterfly ballistic. (Edited to add later; It smells like my beloved Lush “Hard” shampoo bar. Yes….That’s what it smells like to me, “Hard” shampoo bar!) Absolutely Lovely. Absolutely girlie, a real fresh rose smell, a bit of a powdery, fresh Spring quality and you’ve got Butterfly ballistics scent. This ballistic had me just from the gorgeous scent alone but in addition, Butterfly makes a beautiful medium pink water color, and there are bits of blue and purple flowers, and there are two pretty butterflies to sift through the water and play with. I give 4 stars to this ballistic.













I miss these “Flowers” that Lush used to sell and I want them back so bad. They were so sute as gfts. One had a “Feelgood in the Southern Hemisphere“, “Butterball“, and “Lavender Blissard” ballistics. This was sold for many years and Lush quit selling it in 2005. I was very upset and posted to Big my feelings on the matter, and i still feel today, that discontinuing this was a mistake. How cute is this? If you wanted a gift for a friend and you saw this in the lush shop window…?

Basically it’s a “Butterball” ballistic in a pretty yellow silk petal wrap.


Butter Bear

This year, 2021, Butter Bear has a new look


 Christmas 2014 description:

Butterball, has been transformed into a cuddly bear- just for the holidays! We know luxuriously long soaks in hot baths are a favorite winter pastime, but they can leave skin feeling a little dry. Butterbear’s generous helping of cocoa butter ensures skin stays soft and hydrated, regardless of how long you spend soaking. The comforting, blissful vanilla aroma lingers softly on the skin long after the bath.

This is the original design of Butter Bear from the mid 2000’s. A regular Lush ‘butterball’ bath bomb is on the left, and the original Bear shaped Butterball is on right. A vanilla bean is between them because Butter bear has a Buttery vanilla scent.


Then in 2017 or so Lush redesigned Butter Bear



Review: Lush Christmas 2014 – Butterbear bath bomb – Butterball, has been transformed into a cuddly bear- just for the holidays!  Such a ceauty.  He has the comforting scent of the Lush classic “Butterball’ bath bomb.  

has more cocoa butter than other bath bombs, which makes him ore moisturizing to my skin.  Scrummy.  I used to have one with a lush floating island bath melt that they used to sell in stores.  Together they make an ultra-creamy, buttery vanilla bath.

Ingredients: Bicarbonate of soda, Citric Acid, Cocoa Butter, Synthetic Musk, Ylang Ylang Oil, Perfume.

Description: We know luxuriously long soaks in hot baths are a favorite winter pastime, but they can leave skin feeling a little dry. Butterbear’s generous helping of cocoa butter ensures skin stays soft and hydrated, regardless of how long you spend soaking. The comforting, blissful vanilla aroma lingers softly on the skin long after the bath.

2015, 2014, 2013

Here is my Lush Scent Family pic. These are all the things thst Lush has with the Butterball scent.

 what isnt in my scent family photo above is this soap from 2018.