Cafe Latte



Review: It smells heavenly like real café latte. Once it hits the water however it loses that wonderful scent. Pity. Folks complain about the coffee going on the bottom of the tub and sticking you in the toosh but I’ve never had that happen. I love the yummy smelling “froth” that forms at the top. I need one now…but Lush DCd it in 2002.

 Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Cocamide DEA, Ground Coffee, Dried Soya Milk.

 Lush Times 1999 description: For all the coffee-holics out there, here’s the Lush Caffe Latte, a wake-up bath with a serving of real coffee and a frothy white top. Run your bath, drop in the Caffe Latte and with its delicious, Italian coffee shop aroma, you could almost be wandering through the streets of Florence. To top it off, your bath really will have a fluffy white cap on it, as the frothing Caffe Latte will make its own creamy foam for your bath. What a great way to stat your day and caffeine free too!



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