Lush Uk Kitchen Menu July 3-7

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Celebrate a week of sport with products for the summer. 🎾 Watching Wimbledon can be demanding..

2:12 Strawberry Twin Tub Shower Jelly £7.95/$10.30
4:44 Mrs Whippy Bath Bomb £4.25/$5.51 (demo
8:32Tennis Ball Bath Bomb £3.95/$5.12
10:42 The Soft Touch Hand Serum £6.75/$8.75

13:27 Furze Body Lotion £13.95/$18.08
16:16 Grass Shampoo Bar £6.25/$8.10

18:02 Summer Pudding Soap £4.25/$5.51
20:11 British Nanny Facial Moisturiser £27.50/$35.63

23:17 Fruity Beauty Shower Gel £11.25/$14.58
24:50 Mr Punch Soap £4.25/$5.51


Smaragadine has a unisex scent; Patchouli, Mint, lavender, and Oakmoss.

Supertramp shower gel was made by combining two lush products; lush classic ‘Tramp’ shower gel and lush ‘Smaragadine’ bubble bath. 

More candles are coming! 

Yay. When Lush owned ‘B Never Too Bust to be Beautiful’ boutique in London they made lovely candles. 

They had a ‘Love’ fragrance candle, a 1000 Kisses Deep fragrance candle, breath of God, etc. 

Then when Lush dissolved the B Never Too bust to be beautiful company they didn’t make candles again until 2015 when Lush opened their first Lush ‘Superstore’ in the Oxford Street area of London, England. 

At this new, three story, a block long Lush  megastar,they sold 

Vanilla Brulee candle

Breath of God

Tuca Tuca

Shortly after this Lush ceased making them because a person’s bedroom items caught on fire when she left the room unattended with the candle lit. The candle was made out of wood, bamboo.

Lush Kitchen Menu June 19-23

June 19-23
Skinny Dip buttercream £10.50 / $13.43
In the nude bath melt £4.95 /$6.33

Moon & sun steamer tab £2.95 /$3.77
Cosmic dream catcher massage bar £9.25 /$11.83

Cereology soap £4.95 /$6.33

Green party bath bomb £4.25 /$5.44
Stepping stone foot scrub £3.50 /$4.48

Magic bath bomb £4.25 /$5.44
Magic shower jelly £8.50 /$10.87

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