See my demo video below.

This was made with the Lush ‘blackberry bomb‘ scent.

Frankincense, and bergamot.

After a busy day whizzing around on a broomstick, ground yourself with olibanum and be spellbound by bergamot. Twitch your nose and breathe in this familiar blackberry scent. Whether in this life or one of the other eight, you’d be a fool to let this pass you by!

Lush Kitchen Menu Sept 18-22

I’ll record a demo and review these two this weekend on my blog. The Lush Kitchen will be making these next week for us to buy.Dunno if I’m going to get to do my weekly @lushkitchen video on all next week’s products but I will definitely record a demo and review of these two this weekend on my blog. ⭐️By the way..the white stuff on the chocolate scrub is paper stuck to it and cocoa butter solidification because I’ve had it wrapped up in my fridge for awhile. 😉

With the UK (& Madrid) launch of the New Karma spa treatment on the 22nd September, the #LushKitchen are celebrating the #LushSpa next week. 


Stepping Stone foot scrub £3.50/$

Pied De Pepper foot lotion £8.75/$

The Comforter/? Rose body serum £6.75/?

The Comforter? Chocolate body scrub £6.75/$

Lovely Jubblies breast cream £16.95/$

Whoosh temple balm £4.95/$

Dreamtime temple balm £4.95/$

Karma dusting powder £9.50/$

Karma bath melt £4.95/$

Karma massage bar £5.95/$

Lush Spas

I’ll be adding ALL information regarding all the Lush Spas around the world, and info about the treatments themselves. 

I’ll add my spa experience here, the photos I’ve taken, and video clips I’ve taken of the spa.