Bath Bake Love

My first order from Bath Baked Love which is based out of the Uk. I have two more orders from them coming in the next two weeks. On first sniff they all smell yummy enough to eat. And they look incredible. Ill add my reviews of each one here on this page as I use them.

‘Fudge De Leche’ bath creme

‘Aftrrnoon Tea’ bubble mix

‘Raspberry Earl’ bath creme

Lavender Vanilla bath syrup

here is my haul unboxing video

Here’s my second order

Mad Bear Beauty haul with demos

As I use each bath bomb I will review it and take photos and record video of each in the tub. And I’ll add each of the reviews/photos/videos to this page.


heres my 5 minute tub demo of it

Mermaid Tears

heres my tub demo video


Here’s my tub demo of this bath bomb

After the Rain

Here’s my recorded tub demo of it


Here’s my 5 minute tub demo video

Which perfume should I review next?

I’ve been letting my viewers choose which perfumes I review and so I thought I’d ask here too and include the comments/votes I get here in my decision making process.

The ‘snow fairy’ through ‘what would love Do’…I’ve already done, but I forgot to add them under the ‘already done/recorded YouTube video reviews’ column.

I’ll choose the next three perfumes I review on my channel from this.