5 out of 5 rating

see my 2 minute tub demo video below

This is named so because as it fizzes the colors spewing out of it look like the molten lava flowing out of a erupting volcano.

It smells spicy. it’s made with warming cinnamon, as well as cooling peppermint. There is a note of menthol also.

Magma is a slow foamy type of fizzer.

I love the yellow orange, and red colors.

Combined they make the water a popsicle orange color.

No glitter.

The scent kind of reminds me of Lush Marathon bubble bar.

If you like cinnamon you’ll probably enjoy Magma.

Lucky Cat

3 out of 5 rating. See my 2 minute tub demo video below.

I assumed this woukd be a 5 star bath bomb just because of the way it looks; pink, cat, glitter. However, the pink color is only on the outside. The bath bomb itself is a peach, yellow/tan color. The pink color comes off as soon as the bomb enters the water, perhaps by design.

The problem comes when the pink powder sticks to the tub or your skin, as it did mine.

Upon investigating I read a LOT of complaints about this on both the Lush USA retail website reviews and the Uk retail website reviews of Lucky Cat bath bomb.

So thats why i dropped this gorgeous looking bath bomb to a 3 rating.

As i mentioned in my video i failed to take my own advice and add a squeeze of shower gel to my bath water before dropping the bomb in. So i wod up having to scrub and use bleach after my bath.

The smell is a great floral scent that is somewhat fruity and somewhat sweet. Pity about the color.

this bomb makes the water a pale tan color as you can see in my video