New products coming?

found this on Instagram.

As usual I’ll add more as I get it. My commentary on it below. 😊♥️

here are the Halloween & Christmas products!

Regarding the new regular products, I for one would LOVE a here comes the sun liquid shower gel. I even liked the naked version so I know a liquid version would be HEAVEN. I did a Video Review and close up sink demo of naked Here Comes the Sun Shower Gel. It has the same scent as Lush ‘Brightside’ bubble bar.

Milky bar soap used to be around before, it’s not new, but whatever 😉 my review of it is below.

Mostly…I Cannot WAIT until the full Ectoplasm line.

The first second I unboxed TreeD bath oil and Ectoplasm and sniffed them I stated to my friends on Facebook and Mark C that a perfume would be a huge hit. I’m so so glad about this. And there may or may not be a shower creme of Ectoplasm coming for Halloween. Go to my Ectoplasm page for more specifics but it’s a different kind of citrus scent. No really, it’s really different. It’s got a very bright note in it. To my nose anyway, it’s neither lemony nor orangey, but not exactly lime either. More like grapefruit, with some litsea cubeba or something close to that.

And an Ectoplasm washcard, which is a great way to try something without spending that much money. If you’d like to see a close up sink demo of a lush washcard, I have one here .

It looks like lush will be offering a different kind of single sized soap if I’m understanding it correctly. Interesting that they’re re-incorporating pre packaged soaps. They used to sell them like that and they had pretty designs on them. We shall see how these fare.

I have the Ros Argan naked body conditioner. I’ll demo and review that, and the rub rub rub naked body conditioner as soon as I can. I’m glad they’re bringing out this naked Ro’s. It’s the ONLY naked product I like more than it’s liquid version.

I’m also glad lush might be bringing back whipstick. It used to be called ‘chocolate whipstick’ and is the same scent as ‘heavenly bodies’ buttercream and ‘Sonic Death Monkey’ shower gel. It has more of a sweet orange scent with a wee bit of cocoa.

Hmm..What do you think about the charity pot naked body lotion you guys? I don’t know that I would she’ll out the money for this one without seeing how others like it first.

redients: Water (Aqua), Propylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Soya Milk, Sweet Orange Oil, Patchouli Oil, Synthetic Musk, Sodium Chloride, Glycerine, Perfume.

This is a very nice and different layering of scents. A subtle soapy, floral perfume on top with an orange oil undertone and a hot milk or caramel-y type of scent in there too.

Lush makes a bubble bar in this same scent. This is a glycerine soap, and this soap also seemed to dissolve faster too. I think everyone should try this once. I believe that Lush sold this soap when they were a company called “CTG”. There’s something about this soap that makes one want to have it again. It smells comforting.

This is a “love it or hate it” soap with lushies, there doesn’t seem to be many in between on this soap.

Lush Times 2006 description: A HUGE favourite: wash to make your skin smell sweet like chocolate. Delicious hand and body soap made with nutritious soya milk and sweet orange oil.

Website: For soft, chocolate-orange flavoured lips. Chocolate Whipstick is made for everyone who can’t have cocoa butter or lanolin in their balms. We make it with a lip-soothing infusion of oats, beautiful almond and wheatgerm oils plus beeswax for waterproofing. If that sounds a bit worthy then worry not; we livened it up with real chocolate, vanilla absolute and orange oil. Delicious and good for you a rare and lovely thing.

This is the same sweet orange and chocolate scent of Sonic deathonkey shower gel and heavenly bodies buttercream.

It’s a thicker lip balm, not so much thin and shiny but more thick and hoppy, more like the consistency of Rose lollipop lip balm from lush.

Ingredients: Oat Milk, Almond Oil, Beeswax, Chocolate, Glycerine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Shea Butter, Honey, Wheatgerm Oil, Carnauba Wax, Flavour, Sodium Borate, Tangerine Oil, Orange, Vanilla Absolute, Cocoa absolute.

Lush Naked packaging, New naked skincare products?

Here’s my video showing and describing each of these naked Lush products that were given to me by Lush Uk.

an audio interview of the co creator of Lush describing the idea for the naked Lush products

Lush are making shower gels that they currently sell in stores such as ‘olive branch’ in a new solid form which does away with any  packaging.The shower gels are totally solid. The shower gels have no ‘liquid’ in them. The entire bottle IS the product. 

Here’s  my video demonstrating how to use

American Cream hair conditioner

Dirty Spring wash

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy Hippy

It’s Raining Men


The Olive Branch


Almost like a bottle-shaped massage bar, except that it has a gel consistency when activated with water and applied. 
The bottles are made from seaweed, like the new jelly bombs have, and the solid stuff reacts with water to make a gel like consistency 

The application part is what I’m somewhat confused about. A lovely Lush employee said she would show me how to use it tomorrow. 

The following photos are courtesy of the lovely @squisieplushie on Instagram.

I understand the wash cards that I got from the Lush Summit 2017 are part of the Lush Naked campaign. There are more kinds of wash cards than the three I have below. I have a demo video I recorded of how to use these. I’ll add that here tonight.

In the photo below are three new solid soaps. The green bottle on the left is ‘Oregano’, the tan one is ‘Oat’, and the black one on the right is ‘Karanja’.

Some are essential oils, which you can use on skin, and in oil burners. One is possibly a makeup primer. 

These are photos i took of my new Lush wash cards. I have a video demo that I recorded of how to use. I’ll add that here later today. 

These below are facial oils. 

The green one is ‘Amazon’ primer, the light blue one is ‘Argan’ facial oil, 

I asked about  melting,as I live on the Sun and was concerned. I was told by Lush that the bottles won’t melt,tothey’re madeput of a Soap kind of mix, but.. The body conditioners are the ones that are indeed a melt risk. Two below are Rub Rub Rub and Ro’s Argan. I understand that Lush is disco to using the rub Rub Rub solid square body scrub bar. 

The Ro’s Argan is being sold to us customers tomorrow at 

These below are aromatherapy oils. 

The red one is called ‘open your third eye’, the green one is ‘Pride’, and the yellow one us called ‘Anger Management’ and is a citrus blend. The pink and white on the lower left is ‘Geranium’ from Kenya, the white on in lower middle is called ‘Ylang Ylang’ from Ghana, the purple and white on lower right is ‘French Lavender’ from France.

Photo credit for the photos starting below goes to @lushlover__ on Instagram! ❤️


Green Coconut

See my demo video below 🙂

The scent of this is full on coconut. It’s Very creamy. And VERY moisturizing. And certainly less clean up than my Dark Arts jelly bomb was. Though the Dark Arts was more fun, this was more yummy, nourishing and relaxing if that makes sense. It’s not the same scent as Yellow Submarine, that’s a fruitier coconut. This is straight on coconut. 
First up, don’t be shy and throw yourself into Green Coconut; a Jelly Bomb with a totally tropical scent. As coconut cream flows into the water it creates a rich jelly that refreshes the mind and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, while cinnamon leaf oil stimulates the circulation to give you a radiant holiday glow.

Set sail to the tropical island of your dreams. Lie back on the soft sand, the warm waters lapping at your feet, the breeze scented like tropical fruits. Climb into your bath and pop in this king of coconuts. Jelly leisurely spreads across the water, softening as it goes. Condition your skin with coconut cream and bask in the warmth that a cinnamon leaf undercurrent brings. Relax and refresh yourself in your own little piece of paradise.

Rocket Science

See my demo video below. This has a bright, lemon citrus fragrance. 

What a gorgeous bath bomb. The interesting thing is that this bomb makes various dimensions of things happening. If one were to look at the water one could see layers; multi colored stars on the very bottom. 

Then there is a multi-colored chunky glitter later above the stars.

Then there’s a layer of silvery sparkes  above that.

Then there is the blue, pink and purple colored foam layer from the fizzing bomb. 


Here’s the 3 minute demo 

The smells is nice, but nothing earth shattering. But the looks of this bomb in the water makes up for it.

I give this a 4.5 out of 5 rating. 

Bunny Moon

See my demo and review below of all five masks

To use, simply pinch off a piece of the mask and work to a paste between clean, dry hands. Apply to the face and let it work its magic for 5-10 minutes. Wash off with warm water or with a cloth.

When you look at the moon, what do you see? Some see a face, some see a dragon, others see a bunny. When you want soft and strokable skin, this bunny is the one for you. Honey is antiseptic and moisturising, rose oil helps to soothe and balance while chamomile and marigold infusion calm the skin. A dash of gentle, cosy vanilla and benzoin resioid helps you feel comforted. You’ll be a happy bunny with calm and clear skin.

New Lush UK products 2017

Keep checking here everyday, I have all these and add one or two of the below products here everyday. By the way, the 2017 discontinued list is here.

1000 Milihelens

Bubble Spinner

Bunny Moon

Birth of Venus

Cheer Up Buttercup

Dark Arts

Green Coconut

Hair Doctor hair treatment

Just To Clarify

Love body spray

Marilyn hair treatment



New hair treatment

Oaty Dreamy Creamy

One Eskimo (10 Uk stores only)

Plum Rain body spray

Plum Rain shower gel

Rocket Science

Rose Jam body spray


The Big Sleep

Think Pink

Twilight body spray

Wash Cloud

Yellow Submarine