The Experimenter

4 out of 5 rating

It’s absolutely beautiful. I’m not a fan of a lot of vetivert. That’s the only reason i didn’t rate it a 5.

Earthy scent, Smoky. Many colors in the tub! 3.75 gbp / $5.68

Tonka, and Vetivert which blend together when put in the bath, creating a smoky scent.
I smell sandalwood, but i’m not positive there’s any in here.  There’s a smokey note in here.    I like it, because it’s unexpected.  And Dusky Purple-Grey water. With silver sparkles.  Why not? 😊

Also at this video link below see my video of The Experimenter in the tub, what a show this thing puts on.

Unfortunately i accidentally deleted the video 🙁

I was so sad that i deleted my youtube video of this bath bomb, it was very popular but more importantly it showed the dark grey sparkly water, which was unexpected considering how colorful it is on the outside. Some people didn’t like the gray water. I thought it looked really cool!

I’m curious to see if the new one smells the same as the original. It smelled VERY smokey, with an undertone of vanilla.

Here’s a giant one (below) that they had on display in 2014 on opening day at their first Lush Oxford Street’ superstore Creative Showcase.

This bath bomb makes great bath art with almost every color of the rainbow represented!

Here’s the video i made of it