Marshmallow World

4 out of 5 rating

See my 2 minute tub demo below

Lush has opened up a new store in the Harajuku area of Japan. At this new, special store Lush will sell 35-50 exclusive bath bombs. One of these exclusive Japan Harajuku store bombs is Marshmallow World.

Its made with the popular scent of a Lush hair conditioner called ‘American Cream’, which is a herbal vanilla blend.

It’s made with strawberries for their skin properties , not for the primary scent. The scent is sage-which is a bitter herb-and vanilla, and we all know what vanilla smells like. So put bitter herba and vanilla together with a bit of lavender which is even more of an herbally flower.

So you can see that it doesnt smell like strawberry.

I like to stress this fact because i always see disappointed people writing lush comments like ‘but it doesnt smell like strawberries like some of ypur other strawberry scented things’. Or worse; ‘yeah it smells just like a big ol strawberry’.

Whew. Now that we have that out of the way 😉 let me talk about what this bomb looks like.

Marshmallow World is such a pretty bomb on the outside, with lovely pink and having purple and yellow striations. It pooks like an unfamilair but fun planet.

It fizzes and makes a baby pink foam and turns the water a light pink color. This bomb must have somethung special in it which is softening to the skin. It feels moisturizing a bit.

What a beautiful scent. While American Cream scent isn’t my favorite, i don’t hate it either by any means. Its a calming scent to me. I think its quite a meditative scent..with a teaspoon of yumminess thrown in.

Lush has made three other bath bombs in the past years with the American Cream scent with different names. But i must say this is the prettiest version.

It doesnt make full-on bath art per se, but it is still beautiful as it fizzes in the tub.

I would by one more but its not one i would stock up on like i did with some of the other community favorites/Japan store bombs like ‘Tender is the Night’, ‘The Comforter’, ‘Melusine’, ‘Golden Pear’.

My tub demo

If youre an American Cream lover than i suggest you stock up on these limited edition beauties!

Lush description: Indulge in a sugar bath scented with American Cream – you’ll get all of the sweet-shop glee and none of the post-binge guilt. Vanilla scented with a touch of strawberry, this multi-coloured marvel is a fiesta of fizz. Marshmallow powder soothes and softens, while granulated sugar adds a sugary flourish, you’ll smell good enough to eat! 

Not Lush but omg this bath bomb!

I bought this bath bomb from along with other things in yet another haul i bought from this young woman.

She is so young and she’s SLAYING the bath bomb game in my opinion.

I have a page alllll about this company with photos ive taken of some her other products ive bought and used from Sarah.

She never disappoints.

I have a rating system below that i do on my other non-Lush instagram account and this company consistently gets all ‘5’s’.

180g size.

It has a gorgeous array of pink and violet.

The scent smells is really pretty, a perfect fruity scent.

I would rate this a 5 out of 5 rating

How it smells; great! 5

How it made my skin feel; good 5

Bath Art designs while it was fizzing; great! 5

End color of water in the tub; great! 5 Glitter.

Price; good 4 $8.00

Customer service; good 5

Theclean up; great! 5

Would buy another one. I’d buy another three.