Shades of Pink, Shades of Red, Nudes Lip color

Se my demo review video below



Here’s a demo i made of my ‘Shades of Pink’ lip color

And here’s a demo i made of the Shades of Red

Bamboozled lip stain

See my video demo below
This is a lip stain that you apply with a lip brush. Lush Oxford Street sells lip brushes, or you can use any lip brush. The color lasted on my lips for hours. It’s a nice true blue-red.


Here’s a video demo i made of bamboozled klip stain


Rose Lollipop

This is so yummy smelling.  And it tastes nice. Most of all i like the thicker consistency.  I have chronic dry lips (I live in the desert) and i need a little extra moisture.  This does the trick well.  My favorite of the four new lip balms from Lush Oxford Street in London.




Buttered Brazils

This is great smelling and good tasting.  It doesn’t leave a brown color, it’s fairly clear.  It’s a bit thicker than Passion fruit or Key Lime Pie lip balms, but not as thick as Rose Lollipop.  Nice, sweet, nutty, yummy scent.  My 2nd favorite of the four new lip balms. 



Key Lime Pie

This is a beautiful green lip balm.  This isn’t a lush lip tint so It doesn’t leave any green color on your lips, it goes on clear.  It’s a thinner consistency like passion fruit but it fels nice on the lips.  The taste is good.  And the smell is even better.  It really does smell like Key Lime Pie. I enjoy this.