Sleepy Bear

Having the Lush Sleepy/Twilight scent

Tiny purple Lavender petals which Lush has coated in purple bath oil. I love when Lush is innovative.

I’m going to use it in the next couple of days and will record a Tub Demo Video of this Sleepy Bear so we can see what it does in the tub and what color it makes.

Jilted Elf body spray

This is such a very different scent. I love the Jilted Elf shower jelly. It’s like a cacophony of notes but somehow they work together!figs, ginger, cinnamon, grapefruit, vodka and honey. it’s both fruity and spicy. i’ll be buying the christmas body spray.

Ingredients:Glycerine,Fig Infusion,Sodium Laureth Sulfate,Propylene Glycol,Carrageenan Extract,Honey,Cinnamon Leaf Oil,Grapefruit Oil,Ginger Oil,Vodka,Perfume,*Eugenol,*Limonene,*Linalool,Methyl Ionone,Coumarin,Colour 45350,Colour 42090,Methylparaben,Propylparaben,Glamour Gold Glitter

Here’s a demo video I made of Jilted Elf jelly being silly. Lush Times: Jilted Elf takes an alcoholic stumble around your shower, leaving wafts of fruit cocktails as he goes.

Sleepy hand cream

4.5 out of 5 rating

Vegan-See my demo video of this hand cream below

This hand Cream is made with the lovely lavender and tonka bean ‘Twilight’ scent.

It is made with various nut butters: pumpkin, peanut, cashew, and almond butters. As well as lavender oil and tonka. 


I compared this to the Lush Twlight body lotion. This hand cream is definitely thicker. It’s not as creamy as the body lotion, it’s thick, almost like a paste. 

It smells just like the Twilight fragrance that we all know and love. 

I found it both odd and cool that this was in   silver squeeze tube. Different for Lush, but I like it. 

I’m a good fcandidatefor a hand cream as for many years now I’ve had such dry, weather beaten, wrinkly hands. 

Here’s my demo and review of it. I compare it to the Sleepy body lotion

Two Hearts Beating as One


This is a bath oil/bath melt. I have the perfume, shower gel, and other products in the “Two Hearts beating as One’ scent range.  But this is new. I’ve never seen this! Thus, I need ten!

I’ll be making youtube videos showing these two hearts beating as one scent. products in the next few days, so that i can try to describe the scent of this to you.

Here’s my demo of this gorgeous thing

Here below are some Lush/B Never Two Hearts Beating as One products that I’ve bought from Lush in the past when it was being sold at their boutique in London.

Note the same ingredients for scent are the same.

Mother’s Day 2017


Mother’s Day in the UK is March 27. The UK.S. Celebrates Mother’s day in May. As per usual i will be updating this page with photos and descriptions of the Lush 2017 products in the same format as i have the Lush Valentine’s 2017 blog page.

Here’s a link to last years’ Mother’s Day 2016 blog page 🙂

In addition to the products in the Mother’s Day 2017 product list below,  that will be sold in all Lush stores,  and on the website, the lush mail order website will ALSO be making different Retro Mother’s Day products, fresh, in small batches, for us to buy if we’d like. I’ll list the products that the Lush Kitchen usually offer below this main list.

Additionally, the Lush Oxford Street superstore in London will be offering their exclusive Lush Mother’s Day 2017 products which will only be available at that store.  Though sometimes the lush Kitchen will make things for us for one week only on their site. As soon as I am aware of any Oxford street Mother’s Day products, i’ll add them at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask in the comments box below, and i’ll answer as soon as i can.


Mother’s Day 2017 products

Baa Bar

Cheer Up Buttercup (Uk only)

Elsie the Giraffe (You’re Having a Bath)

Groovy Kind of Love


Mother Earth (Uk only)


Pink Custard

Rose Bombshell 


Sunrise soap


Your Mother Should Know

Yummy Mummy shower gel



Lush Kitchen has made these every year for Mother’s Day


Love You Mum (I’ll be doing a demo video of this one next week)

Ma Bar (I’ll be doing a demo video of this this next week)



The Mum (I’ll be doing a demo of this next week)



See my demo video below 😄lovestruck_bubble_bar_spring_

Words can’t describe how much you love them, but emojis filled with lemon and geranium sure can.
If you heart bubbles, crumble under running water – you’re sure to Like the result. Warning: These refreshing citrusy suds may make you feel Emoji-nal!

I think Lovestruck smells like I Am a Radiant Being minus the Rose oil. Or like Rose Jam without the Rose. The Petitgrain brings an herbal note to the geranium and lemon. 

I’ve read that many do not like the smell.