Mother’s Day 2017


Mother’s Day in the UK is March 27. The UK.S. Celebrates Mother’s day in May. As per usual i will be updating this page with photos and descriptions of the Lush 2017 products in the same format as i have the Lush Valentine’s 2017 blog page.

Here’s a link to last years’ Mother’s Day 2016 blog page 🙂

In addition to the products in the Mother’s Day 2017 product list below,  that will be sold in all Lush stores,  and on the website, the lush mail order website will ALSO be making different Retro Mother’s Day products, fresh, in small batches, for us to buy if we’d like. I’ll list the products that the Lush Kitchen usually offer below this main list.

Additionally, the Lush Oxford Street superstore in London will be offering their exclusive Lush Mother’s Day 2017 products which will only be available at that store.  Though sometimes the lush Kitchen will make things for us for one week only on their site. As soon as I am aware of any Oxford street Mother’s Day products, i’ll add them at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask in the comments box below, and i’ll answer as soon as i can.


Mother’s Day 2017 products

Baa Bar

Cheer Up Buttercup (Uk only)

Elsie the Giraffe (You’re Having a Bath)

Groovy Kind of Love


Mother Earth (Uk only)


Pink Custard

Rose Bombshell 


Sunrise soap


Your Mother Should Know

Yummy Mummy shower gel



Lush Kitchen has made these every year for Mother’s Day


Love You Mum (I’ll be doing a demo video of this one next week)

Ma Bar (I’ll be doing a demo video of this this next week)



The Mum (I’ll be doing a demo of this next week)