List of Lush products 1999-2019 in alphabetical order

The list here has all Lush Uk, USA, Germany, Australia, Japan, and Ireland products in alphabetical order.  I’ll be adding dates next to each name at a later date.

5 Boys

5 Gold Rings

9 to 5

13 Rabbits  Shower Gel

13 Rabbits melt

17 Cherry Tree Lane

29 1/2 perfume
29 1/2 soap
1000 Kisses Deep

1,000 Milihelens

93,000 Miles

A Brace of Snowmen Gift

A Crash Course in Skincare

A French Kiss

A Gold Star

A Little Monkey

African Paradise

After 8:30

After Tango foot mask


Aliens and Monsters Fun bar

Al Khanna Henna


all that jas

All You Need is Love and Peace


Almond Blossom

Almond Butter

Almond Kisses


Amandopondo bubble bar

Amandopondo soap

Amandopondo perfume

Amazon Primer



American Cream shower gel (liquid and solid)

**American Cream products scent description & family portrait**

American Pie body conditioner (liquid and naked versions)

American Pie shower jelly

Angel Water


Angel’s Delight

Angels on Bare Skin



Anything But Ordinary

Aqua Marina

Aqua Mirabilis

April Showers

Arabian Brights



Artemis cream

Athelbrose Face Mask

Atmospheres (coming to my blog August 9)

Auntie Pamela

Aura Suavis bubble bar

Aura Suavis shower gel

Autumn Leaves



Avobunny Egg

Avobunny egg

Avoshower shower gel

Avowash shower gel

Avowash soap


B Electro shower gel

B Electro soap (also see divine whale soap)

B Never too Busy to Be Beautiful

Baby turtle (and Mama Turtle below)
Back for Breakfast


Banana Boat Body Wash

Banana Moon

Banana Skin

Bar Humbug

Bath bomb Tube

Bath Foams

Bath Melts

Bath Oils liquid

Bath oils solid





Bauble bath melts

BB Seaweed


Beautiful P Green

Bebes, Papas, and party-sized

Berry Berry Christmas liquid shower gel

Berry Bits

Berry Christmas bubble bar (retro item)



Bewitched bubble bar


Big Banana

Big Bang

big big blue bath bomb

big blue bath bomb

Big Strawberry

Biofresh face masks

Birth of Venus

Black (vanilla and sandalwood)

Black Cat
Black Pearl perfume
Black Pearl scent family
Black Rose bath bomb

Bling Crosby


Blue FUN

Blue Moon

Blue Skies liquid bubble bath

Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds


Body and Hand Lotions

Body Butter Shower Squares



Bom Perignon


Bon Bain Bonnard

Bon Bomb



Bottle of Lurve

Brandy Butter


Brazen Honey

Breath of Fresh Air

Breeze on a Sea Air

Bridal Bouquet

Brightside bubble bar
Brightside solid perfume
Brightside lotion ( I have this but haven’t recorded a review of it yet)

British Nanny


Bubble Bar Slices (aka BBS)

Bubbly shower gel
Bubbly naked solid shower gel

Bubble Spinner

Bubbling Under

Buck’s Fizz shower gel

Buck’s Fizz Naked body conditioner

Buddah Bar

Buffy the Backside Slayer

Bunny bubble

Bunny FUN Egg

Bunny I Washed the Kids

Bunny Moon


Butterball bath bomb

Butterball shower gel

Butterball Fiore





Butterfly Ball


Cafe Latte

Caffe Henna

Calacas body conditioner I have but haven’t demoed or reviewed yet
Calacas body spray
Calacas lotion (I have this but haven’t recorded a review vid yet)

Candy bubble brush

Candy Cane

Candy Floss

Candy Fluff bath bomb

Candy Fluff perfume liquid

Candy Fluff perfume solid

Candy Fluff powder

Candy Mountain

Capella File d’Oro Henna

Carageen Cleanser

Celebrate jelly
Celebrate perfume liquid

Celebrate perfume solid


Ceridwen’s Cauldron



Chamomile Lawn shampoo

Champagne Snow Showers bath bomb
Champagne Snowshoers perfume liquid
Champagne Snowshoers perfume solid

Celebrate scent family

Chamomile Flower

Champagne Supernova

Charity Pot

Cheer Up Buttercup

Chelsea Gardens

Cherie Ripe


Cherry Blossom

Cherry Ripe Potion

Cheslea Gardens prototype

Chick ‘n’ Mix

Chilly Bon Bomb

Ching ling Soo

Choccy Egg

Choco Bun

Choco La La

Chocolate (lip scrub)

Chocolate Easter Egg

Chocolate Meltdown

Chocolate Santa

Cilla the Caterpillar

Christmas Cake

Christmas Carol

Christmas Cracker bubble bar

Christmas Cracker bath bomb

Christmas Fancy Gift

Christmas Kisses

Christmas Party

Christmas Rocker

Citrus are Doing It For Themselves

Cloak of Invisibility

Clothing, Accessories

Clouded Cream



Coco Loco shower regenerative oil solid
Coco Loco shower Oil spray
Come Fly With Me Gift

Comforter body conditioner (uploading mine soon)

Comforter bubble bar

Comforter jelly (different than Sweetie Pie)
Comforter mind the gap Fun bar
Comforter perfume

Cool Beans



Cosmetic Catastrohpe

Cosmetic Lad

Cosmetic Warrior

Cosmic Dreamcatcher



Crated for You

Cream Egg

Cream and Sympathy

Creamed Coconut and Almond

Creamy Candy bubble bar

Creamy Candy lotion

Creamy Candy melt

Crystal Ball coming soon!



Curly Wurly

Cyanide Pill

Cynthia Sylvia Stout

Damp Squid

Demon in the Shower shower gel

Den Mother’s Honey Hugs

Devil’s Nightcap


Dirty body scrub

Dirty Boy


Donkey Oatey


Double Vitality

Dr. Peppermint

Dragon’s Egg

Draught of Immortality

Dream Cream

Dream On

Dreaming of Summer

Dreamtime bath melt

Dreamtime bath oil

Dreamtime temple balm


Drummers Drumming

Dust to Dust

Dusting Powder

Each Peach (and Two’s a Pair)

Earth Eye Powder shadows

Easter Egg (Blue-Big Blue)

Easter Egg (Champagne Supernova)

Easter egg (Green-Avobath)

Easter Egg (Orange & Yellow – Happy pill)

Easter egg (Pink-Chandy fluff)

Easter Egg (Yellow-Honey Bee)

Easy Peeler

Eau Roma Water




Elf on the Shelf



Elsie the Giraffe (You’re Havin’ a Bath)


Emperor of Ice Cream

Enchanted Eye Cream

Enchanted Island


English Country Bunkin

English Countryside

English Countryside Egg

Enviro Egg


Erborigian Flax

Error 404


Extra Virgin Olive


Facial Cleanser

Facial Toners

Fair Trade foot lotion

Fairy Jasmine

Fallen Petals

Family Fairy Jasmine

Family Feelgood in the Southern Hemisphere

Family Ickle Baby Baff



Father Christmas

Father’s Day 2019

Featherweight Fruit Bar

Feel Good in the Southern Hemisphere

Feelgood Flower

Feet of Clay

Feet of Clay powder

Fern Shui

Fever perfume

Fever soap (made for me)

Fever massage bar

Figs and Leaves

Five Boys

Five Gold Rings

Fizz O Therapy


Fizzy Bits

Flirt bath bomb

Flirt perfume

Floating Flower

Floating Island bath melt

Floating Island bath oil



Floral Milk Bombshell


Flosty Gritter


Flower Market

Flower Market

Flower Market

Flower Market Soap

Flower’s Barrow bath oil

Flower’s Barrow perfume


Fluffy Bun

Fluffy Egg


Flying Fox

Flying Fox

Flying Saucers

Flying Saucers


Foot products

Forever in Bloom

Formulae Known As



Fox in the Flowers

Fox Up Your Swaps (black with white lettering)

Fragrant Musketeer

Free Rangers


Fresh Berries

Fresh Farmacy

Friday Codfish

Frog Prince

Frosted glass bottles inside canvas toiletry bag-Rare auction win)


Frozen perfume


Fuel Solid Conditioner

Furze perfume



Gay is OK

Gentle Lentil



Ghost bath bomb
Ghost perfume (it’s called “Lily Savon’)

Ghost scent family

Ghost Writer

Giant Rose Bombshell

Giants Gel

Gifts (I have very few pics of the gifts, it would take me forever to even list them all, so I put this at the bottom, and ignore it. If anyone wants to take that on, be my guest }:-))

Gin and Tonic mouthwash tabs

Ginger bath bomb

Ginger dusting powder

Ginger lotion

Ginger perfume

Ginger shower gel (also see “Bad Ass’)

Ginger soap

Ginger Ginger Man

Ginger Man Gift



Girl Power

Give Peace a Chance

Gliiterbug Blue

Glitterbug Gold

Glitterbug Irridescent

Glitterbug Pink

Glitterbug Silver


GO Bomb

Go Green

Go Green perfume

Go Green Butterball

God is a Woman

God Save The Clean

Grass shower gel

Grass Roots

Gratuitous Violets

Green bubbleroon

Green Coconut

Green Day

Green FUN

Green Green Bath of Foam

Green Party

Green Shoots Hair Food

Green Wing


Groovy Kind of Love bomb

Groovy Kind of Love shower gel


Guardian of the Forest

Guardian of the Forest shower gel

Gumback Smoothie

Gumbo Express

H’ Suan Wen Hua


Hair Cologne

Hair Conditioner (Liquid)

Hair Conditioners (Solid)

Hair Henna (Les Cacas)

Hair Shampoo (Liquid)

Hair Shampoo (Solid-Round bars)

Hair Shampoo (Solid-Truckles)

Hair Styling

Hair Treatments (cold)

Hair Treatments (Hot)

Hair Whip

Hand Lotion

Hands of Friendship

Handy Gurugu

Handy Gurugu

Happy bubble bar

Happy soap

Happy 4 SAD

Happy Accident

Happy Birthday

Happy Blooming bath melt

Happy Hippy

Happy Talk

Happy Thoughts

Harajuku bath bomb

Hard shampoo truckle

Hard shampoo bar


Heavenly bodies

Helping Hands


Henna Reng


Here Comes the Sun

High Noon

Hippy soap

Hippy Chick

Holey Night

Holiday Bubble (see Ruby Red Slippers)

Holly GoLightly


Honey (lip scrub)

Honey & Flowers

Honey & Yoghurt Beauty Body Wash

Honey Bear

Honey Bee

Honey Bee Have

Honey Bun

Honey Bunch

Honey Comfort

Honey I Washed the Kids jelly

Honey I Washed the Kids soap

Honey I washed the kids perfume liquid

Honey I Washed the Kids perfume solid

Honey I Washed the Kids shower gel

Honey I washed the Kids scent family

Honey Lumps

Honey Trap

Honey Waffle


Hot Java

Hot Milk!

Hot Toddy bath melt

Hot Toddy shower gel


HQ perfume




I Am a Radiant Being

I Love Juicy

I Should Coco

I Wish For World Peace

Ibiza Party Shampoo

Ice Blue

Ice Hotel

Iced Delight

Ickle Baby Angel

Ickle Baby baff

Ickle Baby Bot

Ickle Baby Devil

Icon bubble bar

Icon dusting powder

Icon perfume

Icon bubble bar

Icon soap

Icon Gift

I’m Home perfume

Immaculate Eggception


In The Nude



Intergalactic shower gel


Into Thin Air

Iris Flower

Irresistible Bliss

It’s a Pleasure Treaure

Jack Froth


Japan naked store

Jasmine Fluff Eaze

Jason and the Argan Oil

Je T’aime


Jill’s Daisy

Jilted Elf

Jingle Jelly

Jingle Spells


Joy of Jelly

Jumping Juniper

Jungle conditioner

Jungle body lotion

Jungle Jelly

Just to Clarify

Karma pyramid bubble bar

Karma shower jelly

Karma shower gel

Karma dusting powder

Karma soap

Karma bubble

Karma Komba

Karma Kream

Karma pyramid

Karma Pyramid Gift

Karma Sutra


Keep It Fluffy perfume

King of Skin 2002

King of Skin 2004

King of the Mods


Kiss Chase

Kiss Me Klimt

Kiss Me Quick



Lady Catrina

Lamb Bomb Bomb

Lava Lamp


Lavender Blissard

Lavender Snowflower

Lavender Snowflower

Layer Cake

Le Grande Amour (page coming jan 20 2017)

Leap Frog

Lemon bubble brush

Lemony Flutter body conditioner

Lemony Flutter cuticle butter

Lemony Flutter forum member lotion


Les Cacas

Les Cacas

Let the Good Times Roll

Letters To Santa


Lime Pastille

Lip Balm

Lip Lime

Lip Service

Lite Lip

Little Dragon

Little Pot of Energy

Lord of Misrule body conditioner (i’ll upload mine soon)
Lord of Misrule perfume liquid and solid

Lord of Misrule Mind the Gap Fun bar

Lotta Iota

Love hair cologne

Love shower gel

Love Lettuce

Love Locket

Lucky Cat


Lush bomb

Lush Japan

Lush Oxford Street

Lush totes


Luxury Lush Pud

Ma Bar

Madame President

Magi Musk

Magic bath bomb

Magic Egg
Magic Wand soap
Magic Mushroom
Make Bath Not War t-shirt (white with black lettering)
Manouche Zaatar


Marathon bar





Marshmallow World


Mask of Magnaminty

Massage a’ Trois

Massage bar tins

Massage Bars

Maypole soap

Maypole lotion (I have this but haven’t reviewed yet)


Mermaid FUN

Merry Christmas Hereitis


Middle Earth Turns to Rock


Milky Bar

Milky bath


Mirror Mirror Neck cream



Monet’s Garden


Moon on a Stick

More Tea and Sympathy

More Than Mortal

Mother Superior
Mountie Bar
Mr Butterball

Mr. Sandman

Mr Sexy

Mr T.

Mrs Whippy


Mum You Muppet
Musk Atoll

Narang Hair and Body Treat



No. 1 Seed




Northern Lights bath bomb

Nut Rumble


Oatey Cokey


Ocean Salt


Oil On Troubled Waters


Ooh La La

Oops! What a lovely mistake

Oops-A Daisy (An oops bar)

Oral Pleasure

Orange and Spice (and Everything Nice)

Orange Blossom bath melt

Orange FUN

Over and Over

Oxeo Cube

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

Paradise Regained

Parsley porridge

Party On jelly

Party On temple balm

Party Popper



Peace & Prosperity

Peace Pioneer

Peace Offering


Peeping Santa

Perfect Match Honey

Perfect Match Silky


Perle De Sel

Pharian Fish

Phoenix bath melt

Phoenix bubble bar

Phoenix Rising


Pied De Pepper foot lotion

Pineapple Grunt

Pink Caroline

Pink Pumpkin

Pixie Dust


Plastic soap keepers

Play Your Cards Right


Pleasure Dome

Pleasure Dough

Plum Duff

Plum Duff Letters

Poisson D’ Avril

Pooh Stix

Poole Bar

Pop in the Bath


Pot O Gold jelly

Potion lotion

Potion liquid perfume

Potion solid perfume


Powder Puff

Prince shower gel

Prince soap

Prince bubble bar

Prince Hair cologne

Prince of Bathness

Prince Triple Orange


Princess Bomb Bomb


Puddy Holly

Purple FUN

Purple Loosestrife

Queen of Hearts Complexion Soap

Quinquereme of Nineveh



Red Rice

Red Rooster

Reddy for Christmas


Regenerative shower oils




Ring of Roses

Ro’s Argan body conditioner
Road From Damascus perfume




Romance in the Stone

Romance in the Stone Hilary special

Rose Jam perfume liquid
Rose Jam perfume solid
Rub Rub Rub liquid
Rub Rub Rub shower gel

Rub Rub Rub naked solid body conditioner

Ruby Red Slippers (also called Holiday Bubble)


Running to the Embassy scrub bar

Sacred Lotus

Sakura bath bomb

Sakura perfume liquid

Santa Fun bar

Santa Baby

Santa’s Christmas

Santa Monica

Santa Moritz ballistic

Santa’s Christmas shower gel
Santa’s Christmas Naked solid shower gel
Santa’s Sack


Satsumo Santa

Saucy Snowcake gourmet soap


Scrubs (solid, liquid, powders)

Scrumptious smoothie

Sea Henna

Sea Presse Hair and Body Treat

Sea Vegetable


Seaweed Sushi

Self Esteem Machine

Serenity Gift


Sex Bomb

Sex bomb lotion

Sex Bomb solid perfume

Sex in the Shower

Sexxx Bomb (page coming )

Sexy Peel (check scent family)


Shark Filled Custard

Shampoo tins

Shark Fin

Shaving Cream

Shower Gel

Shower oils (solid)

Shower Pots

Showerhead Gift

Shut Up and Get Over It (aka Jiggly’s Foxy Balls)

Siberspace Sylvan Phytofoam

Silent Letters

Silent White

Silky Underwear dusting powder

Silky Underwear perfume liquid

Silky Underwear perfume solid

Silky Underwear scent family

Silver Cloud

Sinter Klass

Skin Drink

Skin Nanny

Skin Sin

Skinny Dip body lotion

Skinny Dip bubble bar

Skinny Dip buttercream

Skinny Dip shower gel/body conditioner

Skinny Dip perfume

Skins Shangri La





Sleepy Toothy tabs




Smuggler’s Soul shampoo solid
Smuggler’s Soul shaving cream

Smuggler’s Soul soap

Snake Oil

Snakes and Ladders

Snap the Whip

Snow Fairy Lotion
Snow Fairy shower gel
Snow Fairy perfume liquid I have all these but I still need to put them in here!
Snow Fairy perfume solid
Snow Fairy scent family
Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar (the demo is here but wont link, to find the demo use the search here instead)

Snow Melt

Snow on Snow

Snowcake perfume liquid

Snowcake shower gel

Snowcake solid

Snowcastle soap



Snowman bubbleroon

Soak and Float


Soap rests

Soap Sod

Soap Tins

Soft shampoo truckle

Soft shampoo bar

Soft Couer

Softy bath bomb

Softy foot lotion


Something Wicked This Way Comes bath melt

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Sonic Death Monkey

Soot Ball

Sore Labors Balm

Space Girl

Spank Me With Saplings

Sparkle jar



Spice Mountain

Spring Cleanser (now B Never’s “B Gone” facial clanser)

Squeaky Green

Staff of Life Face Mask

Star Light Star Bright

Stardust 2008

Stardust 2015

Steamer Orange

Steamer Rose

Steamer Tea Tree


Stegosaurus Fun bath bomb

Still Against Animal Testing

Still Life

Stocking Fella

Strawberry Boat

Strawberry Twin Tub

Strawberry Whip

Street Party

Stupid Cupid

Sugar Plum

Sultana of Skin lotion

Sultana of Soap


Summer Blues

Sun perfume cologne

Sunflower soap

Sunny Citrus

Sunny Side bath bomb

Sunny Side of the street hair anti stain and frizz spray


Supersized Lush Pud



Sweet Japanese Girl

Sweetie Pie

Sweety Vi

Sympathy for the Skin

T for Toes

T for Toes powder

T Shirts

Tam O’Santa

Tank Battle

Tantric Energy

Tea and Sympathy

Tea Tree Simplex

Tea Tree water

Teddy Bears

Temple Balms

Temple of Truth


Tennis Ball


The Big Banana

The Comforter shower cream

The Comforter shower gel

The Comforter perfume liquid
The Comforter perfume solid

The Jilted Elf

The Olive Branch shower gel

The Olive Branch lotion

The Olive Branch perfume liquid

The Ologist

The Sacred Truth

The Sicilian

The Soft Touch

The Strokes

The World’s Smallest Disco

The Wuss


Think Green

Think Pink original 200g

Think Pink 100g

Think Pink 2017

Three Christmas Wishes Gift

Three Wise Men Gift

Three Wishes


Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Tiptoe through the Tulips

Tisty Tosty

Toner Tab Vit A

Toner tab Vit C

Toner tab Vit D

Too Drunk


Toothy Tabs


Tramp shower gel

Tramp soap
Tramp lotion
Tramp jelly

Tramp spray perfume

Traveling kits



Truly Madly Veggie

Tuca Tuca massage bar
Tuca Tuca perfume

Tunnel of Love

Turbo Bubble

Turmeric Latte

Turmeric Latte shower gel

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (black pearl soap)

Twilight bath bomb

Twilight perfume solid

Twinkle (round)

Twinkle (star)

Two Boys

Two Hearts (Beating as One)

Two Timing Tart

Unicorn Horn

Ultimate Shine



Up The Wooden Hill

Up You Gets


Utterly Nutterly


Vainglory Fresh Jasmine Body Fragrance

Vanilla Fountain

Vanilla Mountain

Vanillary i have the perfume and im going to reviewit as soon as i can!


Vertical Abhyanga

Very Berry

Violet Nights bath oil (see CTG page)

Volcano foot mask

Want to Believe

Washday Greens DaddyO

Waving Not Drowning

Waylander Rasshoul


Which Came First

White (orange and vanilla)

White Rabbit

White Wedding (page coming today jan 20 2017)


Whole Lotta Love

Whoosh jelly

Whoosh temple balm

Wiccy Magic Muscles

Wild Butterfly

Winter bath

Wish Upon a Star

Wow Wow

Wrapped Humdinger Gift

Yellow FUN
Yog Nog mind the gap Fun bar

Your Mother Should Know

You’ve Been Mangoed bath melt

You’ve Been Mangoed oil

Yummy Mummy body conditioner
Yummy Yummy Yummy scent family
Yuzu and Cocoa lotion
Yuzu and Cocoa perfume

Turmeric Latte shower gel

3 out of 5 rating

I love the creamy goodness of the Lush Turmeric Latte bath bomb, so i was excited to get the shower gel.

Upon examination i was surprised there wasn’t glitter in this particular shower gel, since the bath bomb makes TONS of gold glitter in the bath water.

The scent is one of those sort of non-descript scents. Its a cross between perfume-y and food-y.

It smells like a combination of mens cologne and pie.


So its a very different kind of scent. It’s scent does seem to cling onto the skin long after my shower. I can smell it on my arma couple of hours after my shower.

Since turmeric latte isn’t made with coffee, nor chocolate it doesnt smell like an American Cafe Latte. Turmeric is a spice used in indian cooking and other foods. Its what lends the golden color.

Tumeric latte is made with golden milk.

And thats what this scent smells like.

While i like it and will use it, i don’t love it. Its nice and confitioning to my skin, moreso than the other Lush shower gels. And its consistency is nice and thick.


5 out of 5 rating. See my 4 minute Tub Demo with relaxing music below.

This solid bath oil”‘cream” is one of many new bath oils (and 300+ other products) from Lush exclusive to the new biggest Lush store in the world at the Liverpool spa.

Lush Uk decided to sell it on their retail website for sny of us who wanted to buy one. I bought two.

Apparently its sold out on the site now. Im hoping they release it for Halloween 2019.

Its made with Almond essential oil and ylang ylang, and is said to smell cherryish. Indeed it foes dmell cherryish. Originslly i thought this might be American Cream scented, but it isn’t. I noticed there is ylang ylang in here, which American Cream does not have. And the strawberry, lavender and sage which are in American Cream, are not in ‘cream. So i asked Lush and verified that this is a similar but a different scent.

I didnt realize it would make purple water!

Thefe is also a silver sparkle in the wster too.

I would recommend this. The color is nice and the scent is nice.

Heres my tub demo video

Groovy Kind of Love shower gel

3 or 4 out of 5 rating

Some days i think it a 4, and other days i think its a 3.

This is one of six shower gels that Lush made just because, from our favorite in-store bath bombs.

While im quite enamored with the woody, fruity scent of the bath bomb, the scent in the shower gel doesnt quite translate tjat similarly. That said its still a good smelling shower gel. It translates to a straight up bubble gum scent.

The look of the bomb is a rainbow of bright colors, and so the bath bombs scent is also multi layered with contrasting notes of woodiness and fruitiness.

The shower gel isnt quite as much of a mixture of notes as it is a muddiness of scents. Intetestingly this blending becomes bubblegum.

My husband is even less impressed by this shower gel, he does NOT like the scent. He says it smells like bad breath. Yikes. I dont get that at all but your mileage may vary. *closes the lid of the bottle with a loud snap*

Its a nice thick bright orange shower gel.

It doesnt have glitter because the bath bomb has no glitter.

If you like bubblegum scents you’ll love this shower gel.

Intergalactic shower gel

4 out of 5

Lush made six shower gels from six popular bath bombs. Intergalactic being one of the six.

The bath bomb is very popular because of its looks and its scent. Its cobalt blue and full of


Like a planet, in space, amongst the sparkly stars.

The bath bomb is sweet, minty, woody and citrussy. However, the shower gel loses some of its sweetness, and its woodiness in the translation. So the shower gel is minty and herbal with a jint of grapefruit. Not as sweet though, and not as layered in scent.

But nice smelling nonetheless. ❤️

In this short video clipi show the gels consistency by pouring it in a bowl.

Guardian of the Forest shower gel

4 out of 5 rating

I am very excited that Lush included Guardian of the Forest in their newest ‘we’re making shower gels of your favorite bath bombs just because’.

As i state in my video i think of GOTF as a new classic Lush green scent. Its both deep green but also bright with cypress.

Its a translucent gel. I was somewhat disppointed that it doesnt have glitter since the bath bomb has emerald green glitter but its not a huge deal because im just glad to have a nice green smelling shower gel to enjoy!

It smells like I’m in a forest or a fairy glade only not quite as woody as the bath bomb.

Rosewood, oakmoss, cypress, and lime.

The gel is nice and thick and it lathers up nicely on my skin.

Its such a soothing, grounding scent.

The forest is alive. Can you hear the trees whispering the secrets of the earth to you? They beckon you onward. Feel the carpet of cool, thick moss beneath your bare feet as citrus sunlight breaks through the trees ahead, gilding the world in dappled gold and green. Follow the footsteps of a mysterious creature and emerge into a clearing, a trickling waterfall in a glade of rosewood and cypress – the heart of the forest. Let the ethereal tranquility surround you as you step beneath the water, earthy oakmoss and cleansing lime washing away any trace of the world beyond. It’s just you and the trees.

List of ingredients

Lush Cookie Dough Body Scrub

5 out of 5 rating

Who needs the cookie jar when you can fulfil your sweet cravings with Cookie Dough body scrub? An irresistibly inviting blend of comforting vanilla absolute, softening cocoa powder and mouthwatering hydration to the skin and a satisfying sugar fix. A dash of coarse granulated sugar, a pinch of superfine sea salt and a handful of silky cornflour is a batch made in heaven, whipping up the creamiest of lathers and gently buffing the skin for a velvety touch. You’ll go nuts for a triple serving of toasted hazelnut oil, protective pistachio oil and fruity almond essential oil, releasing waves of sweetly-scented cherries that delicately blossom on the skin. This scrub really takes the biscuit, who says you can’t enjoy baked goods in the bathroom?

I recorded a demo and review video for you under good lights up at the sink on my arm here at this link

Smells great! Feels great!

I couldn’t help myself and i tasted it, its vert salty lol.

Im very glad i was able to buy one. I actually bought two. Im having a giveaway on instagram of one pot.